A sampling of poetry, journal fragments and stories. Favorites are marked with *.

Most poems and stories are matched with original images.

(Feedback always welcome.)

Water is the sound of small boys throwing stones and chunks of iron and old bones *

sizzle, in memory of Broadus Evans *

the dancer in my belly *

rough work, in memory of ann bunting-mock *

Tapestry, an unfinished story *

and if once or twice and now and then or later *

father swings through the trees*

heron in sunshine, sky wishing to rain*

the daughter’s song *

a dark light poem*

we crossed your love with my desire *

Winter comes. The leaves must bind their thoughts to now *

wasting time at the talk machine my dollar card broke in two*

and i in my heaven, you in your hearse *

why you drink so much baby? *

i’m here to find the simple truths *

there is an old man in a gutter

teach the children paradox

I asked the man who stood beside the child and held her hand

so this is recovery, you claim

it was, to tell the truth, a house of sighs

how trying living in a world of nonsense

she came, she bathed, i asked

the keepers of the evergreens

flags of ruin hung on bearpoints

meeting song for ivan gold

“let your tears come, let them water your soul”

this little riddle kid

kitchen witch *

the spring craves water *

slow, swollen, unattractive*

a candle breaks the night time *

I can’t feel your pain, assuage your guilt, dissolve your fears *

on a subway under Boston sat a kid in a ratty hat*

she sits upon a windowsill v1

i was born in a hearse

your imprint detached itself from the great cloud

maybe it wasn’t some great or tragic flaw

there is a man in a cage, you can see his hands

sweet sweet engine of mercy

mud and bone and fire and water

she sits upon a windowsill v2

whereabouts and wanderlust v2

whereabouts and wanderlust v1

triple damn cat*

a poem I stole from Naomi *

the dream of the sailor *

Once I saw a seed gone bad

Like the moon she swims in darkness

Another day, and my small town sings into a gray morning

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