Oh, where did that voice go? Where did I put it?

where is my voice?

there is an old man
in a gutter
and he calls his
voice his daughter
and he sings –

come to me, girl,
come to me, girl,
I miss you so badly
I feel so lonely
come to me, please,
come home, please,
won’t you
come home, please
I’m lost here
without you…

And the trees sing
every evening
but the old man
can’t hear them
because he’s
not listening,
no, he’s
not listening…

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6 Responses to Oh, where did that voice go? Where did I put it?

  1. alison says:

    I think he is listening. Beautiful.


  2. sleepinghill says:

    Sweet of you. Thank you.


  3. ozymandiaz says:

    Ah, he is choosing the path of his suffering then, as many of us often do. There is apreocess by which some choose to live in trauma that they could easily change.


  4. sleepinghill says:

    I think so. It started as a little lilting song and I believe it turned into a little lilting fable.


  5. really nice one and keep it up!

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  6. sleepinghill says:

    Thanks for the note! Very interesting website (and business) you have there. Who are you? How did you happen to find me? Are you a poet? Tagore is one of my favorites.


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