on a subway under boston

on a subway
under Boston
sat a kid in a ratty hat
with his finger in his nose

by the window
dressed in velvet
sat a girl from the Mississippi
and she squished
when she walked
cause her shoes were full of tears

and the kid fished out a marble
from a pocket
of his baggy pants
and he looked up
and he saw the girl so he fished around for two.

and he found lotsa garbage
in the pockets of his baggy pants
all sortsa things
he’d forgotten
had found their way there.

there were pumpkins
and grapefruit
and a couple of shiny hooks
blue horses
the ocean
and a starfish or two

there was seaweed
there were mountains
a tornado only slightly used
brass buttons and goblins
and snakes enough for two

three chuckles
some giggles
a box full of silly talk
a small book of drawings
and a left handed shoe

from the shoe
dropped a marble
blue and green and purple
and he grabbed it
and he gave it to the girl

and she looked up
from her squishy shoes
with eyes full of thank yous
and she said
thanks a lot
but it’s got boogers on it.

on a subway under Boston
sat a kid in a ratty hat
and beside him under Boston
a little girl with wrinkled toes.

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11 Responses to on a subway under boston

  1. prettybones says:

    left handed shoes ❤ I like the way it sounds.


  2. damyantig says:

    I love the imagery:). Maybe you let it lie and edit it later? I think the impact is getting dissolved by the length, but otherwise I love the concept and the pictures it made for me.


    btw, thanks for digging me out thru katie’s blog…..and add a link to me so it will be easier next time*wink*


  3. rick mobbs says:

    damyantig, thanks for the very useful feedback. And I’ll add the link!


  4. damyantig says:

    You are welcome, and I am glad you found it useful:)

    I have already linked to you on my amloki blog!


  5. ozymandiaz says:

    This reminded me of a little one Iwrote some time back

    Rainy day cheeks
    Pressed against glass
    Blurred by fingerprints
    And breath

    Fishbowl views
    Of a world too fast
    To hold little hands

    Yours, though, gets much more in depth (obviously) and far more personable.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Oz, I like yours a lot, actually.Mine is just silly talk. (Which I love, I’m not putting it down.) But in yours I feel the cold glass and the reverie and the shift to the grown up and loving perspective.


  7. alison says:

    Not just silly talk! Brilliant imagery. More please.


  8. rick mobbs says:

    thanks ali. I’m still here, just snowed under in Boston.


  9. jo says:

    Gorgeous……..such a lovely energy, such great images. Really made me smile!


  10. Soulless says:

    Kudos on the imagery work here, which makes the piece, the scene so grounded (as though, while I’m reading it, it’s actually happening simultaneously). 😉

    My first time here, and I’ve been perusing your posted poems. This one is a sure fave of mine among your works. 😉 Thank you for visiting my own poetry site and commenting so kindly. Cheers!


  11. callie guerin says:

    i love that poem its like i can remember it happening now that u say it! so innocent and so true


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