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a moody little drawing

a moody little painting sits atop a moody little piece of writing

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a moody little piece of nonsense

Water is the sound of small boys throwing stones and chunks of iron and old bones into the ocean. Water is the sound of bones dissolving. Water is a black sound. Is there a blacker sound? “Who goes there?” asks … Continue reading

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collaboration #2, on ‘standing in the shadows’, a poem by oz on a painting by rick

I am honored that the very able and gifted Ozymandiaz (ocellus) responded to the invitation to make up a story about the painting below with the poem below that. Please visit his blog for more great stuff. (I would like … Continue reading

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johemmant’s story (florescence) a collaboration

This post is a collaborative effort. Johemmant, author of floresence, wrote the wonderfully evocative story accompanying the painting below. Please visit her blog to read many more wonderful and beautiful things. h (jo’s story) We were resting after a long … Continue reading

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johemmant’s story (florescence) – standing in the shadows

Jo, the wonderful author of florescence, has written a story to accompany the painting in the post below. I am charged by the collaboration. You can find the storypoem here. I highly recommend a visit for everything else there, as … Continue reading

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a picture for the moment – standing in the shadows

something for this rainy day. would anyone like to make up a story?

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notes upon the windowsill

well, nobody asked, but I’ll try to explain it anyway, if only for myself. I can’t remember if the post below – She sits upon a windowsill – started as a journal fragment or as a line that jumped into … Continue reading

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