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okay, she’s here.

and her name is Ada Corinna Swinton. At least is is now. It’s a working title. Naomi might have other ideas after a few days rest. Ada is healthy and well and is now asleep with her mother.To the many … Continue reading

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6/12/08 image prompt

For all the hurting people out there. The quote is from Eileen Mayhew. Some of you work so quickly, and produce such neat things. First out of the starting blocks is paisley, with her poem, paint me a picture. Her … Continue reading

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a little note of explanation…

…and a picture… the reflection… is anything as it seems? SIZZLE Sigh, child, and sink into the world you know. Let butterflies appear in snow. So what, if the rains come back to Nicaragua? They always do. Would you add … Continue reading

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works in progress

Both started from charcoal rubbings. Expect they will both change a lot. Lost my camera so I took these with my laptop. Good only for a rough idea. And, oops! images reversed by laptop camera. Will correct in next take.

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a picture for the moment – standing in the shadows

something for this rainy day. would anyone like to make up a story?

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whereabouts revisited, end of story

So we smashed like acrobats, a mess of arms and legs and heads and backs, spinning through the flaming hoops to meet the leaping, happy cats and all those clowns in human suits, and all their senseless chatter. The main … Continue reading

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