portrait of Nanda

fernanda sosa

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9 Responses to portrait of Nanda

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    love the moody colors


  2. johemmant says:

    Oh you are so good, I really love your paintings, they speak straight to me.


  3. angryballerina says:

    I want to know the story behind this.


  4. rick mobbs says:

    thanks guys,

    angryballerina, i would be happy to tell you the story. I’m traveling and internet is sketchy will get back to you though.


  5. Angelica says:

    Wow. youre so talented with your paintings and writings.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    angryballerina, this is a painting of a special friend. She was in a chair, reading. The background is imaginary. The chair, the book, the friend are real. The chair is gone, so is the book, the wall never existed and the painting disappeared under too much paint. But I have the photo, and I still have the friend. The look she wears was emblematic of the time and relationship.


  7. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks, Angelica. Good to see your smiling face.


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  9. christine says:

    I won’t link again here since the pingback shows.

    I really love this portrait. The woman has such mournful eyes, I feellike she’s reflecting my own. Lovely work.


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