Vital Memory

This is a place to remember friends, family, others I knew or did not know but loved or admired.

Broadus Evans

1. sizzle (in memory of Broadus Evans)

Ann Bunting-Mock

1. Rough Work (in memory of ann bunting-mock

2. ann’s calf

3. who was aann?

Ivan Gold

1. in memory of Ivan Gold

Marcia Abigail Ryder

1. in memory of Marcia Ryder

Robert Frederick Mobbs. M.D.

1. Doc

2. Father swings through the trees

Mary Aurelia Smith Mobbs

1. Aurelia, by Martha Reese Keith (or, collect call from dorothy hall)

2. Who was Mrs. Mobbs?

3. obit

Natalia Estemirova

1. new york times article 7/18/09

The Man in the Water

1. Time article, Monday, Jan. 25, 1982

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