looking for lost etching press

Kelton etching press

Kelton etching press, missing in action

Hello, my Wilmington NC, ex-creative community (Printmakers in particular!). I seem to have misplaced a very large (6 ft wheel), very heavy (burned out the clutch in my truck driving it down from Boston) and very old (120 years, plus or minus a few) etching press. This press was (if I recall) manufactured by M. M. Kelton Co, (Brooklyn ?) New York, in the late nineteenth century.

It was last seen at The Independent Art Company gallery. Someone asked to borrow it and I said ok. Later we took a 3 month gig in New Mexico that turned into 5 years and I managed to lose track of it. Recently I have needed access to a press and I remembered – everything except who I loaned it too. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this old, large, heavy, beautiful object please email me at rickmobbs.gmail.com or call: 910-233-2497. Thanks you so much. I miss your faces. See you soon, I hope.

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6 Responses to looking for lost etching press

  1. Sue says:

    Best of luck, Rick. While painting your old studio on Castle, I recall trying to move, without success, a couple of very, VERY heavy metal pieces you had stored there, but I saw nothing that looks like this press. (I ended up just covering and painting around those others!) And I know the dismay you must feel; my memory has also faltered at times when I have tried to recall who borrowed all those favorite and irreplaceable books years ago, or my mother’s good Irish wool scarf I loaned to a friend (who??) for a funeral one day. Small stuff is easy to lose in the tides of time, I know now, but this is a pretty big piece of stuff you are searching for. I hope you find it. All good wishes and love to the family, Sue


  2. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks, Sue. I did leave some heavy things behind. I know at least one of the objects you mention, a rectangular steel prism, the hundred-holed (threaded) machine shop clamping slab. Best you painted around it.

    Some losses resonate back to older losses and the pang brings it all to mind again. I certainly can live without the thing. Would rather not though. All good wishes and love to you and yours as well, Rick


  3. Damyanti says:

    Just checking in on you, Rick. I hope you find what you have misplaced. Hence my habit of maintaining a draft on my gmail with an account of what I loaned to who.

    Not that I have always managed to get back books I have loaned out. Now I only loan books I’m prepared to give away.

    Hope you’re well, and haven’t forgotten what we talked about.

    If you have the time, drop over to my blog…I’m doing prompt-inspired flash pieces for 26 days in April as part of a challenge. Your comments would mean a lot.

    Many good wishes to you and your family…


  4. Hi Rick I have a press born in Berlin in 1885 move to Budapest a new immigrant brought it
    From boueunos aires to a kibbutz in israel I brought the press to the jerusalem print workshop
    Two years later an old printer come to visit from hungry he saw the press and start crying he
    Worked On this press 72 years ago so be patient I am sure you will find your old press good luck


  5. K. Autorino says:

    Six years after your last post but here goes. My artist husband died three years ago and I have one of these MM Kelton spider presses in the basement. I guess I’d like to sell it. If you are still looking and interested give me a ring. kautorino@mac.com


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey man, that thing you are looking for is on San Francisco craigslist. Under etching press. I just saw it. It’s for sale


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