Broken Angel (Last Call)

What I have been up to. Beside being a daddy, working in the movies and etc. Here is a picture of a work-in-progress. Wax at this point, about 22 inches tall, ready to gate and vent and cast in bronze at the NMHU foundry. I think of it as a broken angel, or maybe a Wild Hunt survivor.  This is the third iteration as it has fallen apart or broken three times during making, gating and venting, and the work has been interrupted two or three times by out-of-town movies. I hope to finish and cast it over the summer. In the meantime Calliope has turned one, Broadus has turned fourteen. Ada will be six on the fourth of July and I’ll be one hundred and six in February. Naomi is, as always, timeless.   broken angel

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5 Responses to Broken Angel (Last Call)

  1. jeffrey koenigsberg says:



  2. John Weeks says:

    Well, did you cast it?


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    OK big man, I will drop by weekly & see what the sly Rickster is up to; loved the pic of Ada playing a cello or viola on Facebook. I think of you often as I age & get brittle like your tarnished angel.


  4. rick mobbs says:

    John, I did cast it. Must have dropped a zero though when I did the math to get the weight of the bronze. It wasn’t a total disaster. David Lobdell, the sculpture prof cussed a blue streak and we ran for more bronze. Filled the mold but the first pour had cooled so that when I broke away the mold the piece broke in two. Pathetic, I know, but hey, I’m a painter. The piece sits on the hearth now and I’ll get back to it when the dust clears. Learned a lot though. The wax piece broke and transformed many times in the process of the making and the work was continually being interrupted by calls from the movies. I’ll post some pics of the pieces and some of the transformations along the way. David said the problem was I was approaching the work as a painter, not a sculptor. A painter, he said, (at least this one, unless I’m hacking something out) can afford to and needs to allow time for ideas to shift and change and for the piece to say what it wants to become. In a manner of speaking. While a sculptor wants to complete the piece and be on to the next thing. If new ideas for new directions come they go into the next work, not the work at hand. Sounded right to me and gave me something I can use on the next things. My paintings are layered with images and that works for me. Sculpture is its own thing. Does that sound right to you? Anyway, new home and new horizons. I’ll have to make places to work here. That’s what I am doing now. How’s the family? That kid must be, wow, a teenager? Are you getting time for your own work?


  5. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Glenn. How’s life? That’s Ada in the picture. Six and a half and playing cello. Her grandpa would be proud of her. (He played viola.) I’m thinking of leaving this blog behind and creating a new one, a blank page to scrawl on. I’ll link it to this one but I feel the need to break free and move on. I need to write now and the thought is pleasing.


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