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mary draws from silence

Mary draws and Mary writes from silence, silence that uplifts and holds her. These strings, she thinks, are more than finite. They wrap all things and draw them to her. Every weight and every measure, all things tossed or turned … Continue reading

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4/24/08 thursday image prompt – weighty voices on hallowed ground

Internet, cable, phones – landlines as well as towers – have been out all day and are just now being restored. Someone (accidentally) cut the fiber optics trunk line running north from Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) and feeding all … Continue reading

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4/23/08 stupid war (broadus mobbs)

It’s a family affair here. My son, Broadus, explained this picture, Stupid War, to me last year when he was 7. (* hmmm… i must have lost his explanation. must look for it.) We worked on the painting together. The … Continue reading

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4/23/08 nanda (image prompt)

james17930, author of the blog, Intropolis (and several others!), wrote Nanda, using the painting below as his starting point. . paisley, author of why-paisley?? (and others!) wrote completion . .

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4/23/08 sun and moon

paisley, author of whypaisley, wrote bird of happiness.

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4/23/08 Darfur Fridge (ozymandiaz)

just in from the incomparable oz, creator of the blog Ocellus, a poem about more than the darfur fridge

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#22 earth day – seeing eve (pepektheassassin)

seeing eve, for earth day from pepektheassassin, author of the blog, myunclepepeksjournal. (Definitely go over and check out the blog!) .

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