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7/3/08 image prompt – harbor lights

Hello everyone. Those of you who frequent here know we have been expecting a baby to arrive any day for the last 11 or 12 days now. Maybe it will be tonight, maybe tomorrow. Who knows? In the meantime it … Continue reading

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lunch break

big, big raindrops starting to fall. movie okay so far. I am getting more paint on the set walls than on myself, making an old hotel in Las Vegas NM look like one in Juarez, Mexico, with color references from … Continue reading

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6/12/08 image prompt

For all the hurting people out there. The quote is from Eileen Mayhew. Some of you work so quickly, and produce such neat things. First out of the starting blocks is paisley, with her poem, paint me a picture. Her … Continue reading

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movie start date pushed

update…. it looks like my start date on the movie is pushed to Monday, which is fine with me. We are still doing the last minute ordering and nesting which we hope will make life in the coming weeks easier. … Continue reading

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Oops! I guess the thursday prompt arrived on a friday this week. Tells you something about out lives right now! Everything good, just a little upside-down. 

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5/9/08 image prompt

something for your kids, or for the kid in you… from joyce (my uncle pepek’s journal), we have what they said to him . cristine, author of mariacristina, wrote and produced a video (!), cheetah dreams of barefoot boy for … Continue reading

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4/23/08 Darfur Fridge (ozymandiaz)

just in from the incomparable oz, creator of the blog Ocellus, a poem about more than the darfur fridge

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Darfur Fridge – thursday image prompt

(updated contributions to the collective storybook are found on the Storybook pages.) . …..…..….. . Hiking in the woods I found this rusting refrigerator that hunters had been using for target practice. I retrieved the door and it sat in … Continue reading

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