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4/23/08 nanda (image prompt)

james17930, author of the blog, Intropolis (and several others!), wrote Nanda, using the painting below as his starting point. . paisley, author of why-paisley?? (and others!) wrote completion . .

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a moody little drawing

a moody little painting sits atop a moody little piece of writing

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whereabouts revisited, end of story

So we smashed like acrobats, a mess of arms and legs and heads and backs, spinning through the flaming hoops to meet the leaping, happy cats and all those clowns in human suits, and all their senseless chatter. The main … Continue reading

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hello from phoenix, oops, i mean tucson

I am traveling with 20 uwc-usa students (from 10 countries!) and faculty on a border studies trip and will be away for another 6 – 7 days. Hope to post along the way but internet is sketchy as we go … Continue reading

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desolation, hope, and more hope

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thoughts on the novels, “the road”, and “blindness”

Only a great kaleidoscope can break the cold gray stone that forms in the bottom of the heart when we consider the way that we treat each other and make it beautiful.

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electric cow (barbeque)

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