work in progress

today’s work.



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7 Responses to work in progress

  1. rhosie says:

    nice work of art….


  2. Paul says:

    Yeah, this one. One thing I noticed in your work which I attracted me is a sense of innocence, even the stone gargoyle type ones there is kindliness in the expressions, an innocence of some sort anyway and then when I saw this one I thought, Studio Ghibli, fantastic paintings, count me as a huge fan of your work,


  3. enigma says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, beyond belief…that is what comes from breaking down all beliefs, for to paint like this, are you thinking?

    I think not, …beyond belief lies freedom, kindness, joy, beauty, amazing art like this, that touches the soul.
    That is where the soul is, beyond beliefs.
    But it does not make one a passive morpheous blob, no ,it creates the oposite.
    It makes one stronger, quieter , more sure of the certainty of “just so”.

    It stands alone, without analysing, or explaining, like your art.


  4. enigma says:

    And Ginga notices the innosense, for beyond the mind is always innocent.


  5. ozymandiaz says:

    This may sound simplistic but what I find amongst your work is that it is pleasing to the eye. Or at least MY eye. it doesn’t seem effrontery in its message. and again, I am loving the colors in these works (as I see the samller now has more of a splash to it). A lot of your works also seems to have a southwest to south american feel to them. Very bold.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    Ozy, I think the first test of a piece of visual art is to please or excite or give the eye pause. I don’t know what the 2nd test is. To me all the other stuff (and there can be lots of other stuff) is layered beneath that. I’m glad it pleases you.

    I am drawn to and love latin american art. And all prehistoric, primitive and aboriginal art, too. I think I soak it up somehow when I see it and it makes its way back out later.

    I have to say you guys are awfully kind and generous with your praise. I tend to work alone among a small circle of friends in an out of the way place. Your feedback pushes me forward.

    Enigma, you’re right, I try to let my hands do the thinking. The critical part kicks in later… I just dodged over and posted a poem (sizzle) that may illuminate the process…. as to Ginga, I think I’m going to have to look that one up.

    Studio Ghibli… my introduction was “The Grave of the Butterflies”. From the cover art I thought it looked like it would be great to watch with my son, who was six at the time. By the end we both had tears running down our cheeks, but it was beautiful and we couldn’t stop watching.


  7. jo says:

    The colours, the forms, the characters, the stories……my favourite painter is Chagall…..and your paintings do similar things to my heart.


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