from the vanishing enigma (notwhatitseems)

Just recently did she vanish. Magically, mysteriously. We hope for a reappearance. I overlooked her thoughts on the chimera/child/rockhead thing, the painting below. So I’ll add them now.


your story here

“I am no writer, so these are my feelings,

firstly the griffin, the magical winged creature, which seems to be comforting the mother with the ill (dying?) child……the central figure holding up the dreams of others, that maybe are lost and dying, the little sweet hedge hog, hiding in the corner,the wise guardian birds, perched on the mothers shoulder, the softness and sadness, and hope of it all, set against the backdrop of the harsh landscape…

hope in a bleak world for rebirth, and regeneration.”


but you are a writer.

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5 Responses to from the vanishing enigma (notwhatitseems)

  1. jo says:

    Sad, sad, I miss her and she already locked up her blog so I don’t think she’s going to be changing her mind. I talked to her a lot and she had an amazing spirit was incredibly intuitive and wise. Sniff, sniff…….and yes, these words are so her.


  2. Paul says:

    Oh, I said many times to others and to Enigma that she was my favourite reader and commenter of all tiiiimmmee. She is a rare and wonderful human being, intelligent, passionate, the thing most rare in the bloggosphere of all, a real reader with no pretensions to being a writer, I miss her and I know in my lifetime she will always be irreplaceable as the first person of her type that I met,


  3. Lakota says:

    oh cool – that ties into my “story”!
    I avoided reading anyone’s comments about the piece so i wouldn’t be influenced.

    She is/was/will always be such a perceptive, wise woman.


  4. ozymandiaz says:

    damn real life takin away the best of us.


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