back again

About finished with Tin Star, a pilot for a proposed Western series. If all goes well then there will be continuing gainful employment for at least some of the film community here.

Lone Ranger crewing up in ABQ. Building an Old Western town west of ABQ as well. Working on a big show can be like working in an art factory. Creative, but still a factory. I prefer smaller shows with lots of room in between for family, friends, art and travel.

I wonder, continue this blog, or set it free?




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8 Responses to back again

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    And the other voice said, “Continue with the blog, and FB, and Twitter, for your voice is an important one, and your views need to be shared; as does your art.” Many of us were so smitten with your activity prior, and your personality, and your family, that we keep tabs on you, care about you, need to know you are in this world with us, sharing the beauty and the pain. Love you, man; hang in there.


  2. PsalmistBlue says:

    Hey! I just found you and think what you are doing is neat…at least what I’ve been able to go through so far. Neat is probably not a nice enough word. I hope you continue. Blessings!


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks for your comments. I hope you left contact info here somewhere.


  4. janetleigh says:

    Hi, Rick. Please continue your blog. I’ve just returned from a long hiatus and will be crushed if you abandon your blog. You’re one of the most fascinating, engaging, talented people on the internet and I need to renew my love for life seeing the beauty in this world through your eyes. I’m dealing with a lot of loss right now and will gain much by your continued presence here. {{{hugs}}}


  5. rick mobbs says:

    Dear Janet,
    Thanks for your kind note. What’s going on with you? Write and talk to me.
    I’m looking at some major refocusing too. The blog will factor in somehow. I want to get back to it and to my work and I feel the Universe thumping me along in that direction. What a collection of wounded healers we are. I think we need to write.


  6. John Weeks says:

    Keep it up, brother.


  7. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks, John.


  8. Damyanti says:

    Rick, thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday. the wheelchair is thanks to a fall at home… nothing serious other than I can’t walk. It is helping me plough into my novel (did I tell you I began one last year?)– so it is all good. How are you and family?And work? Miss your posts.


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