Creation Myth # 12

Two for Damyanti Ghosh, who requested image prompts. Survey her work at This drawing is of my niece, McKenzie Jones, when she was a teen-ager. Not so long ago…


At one time I was putting up new images every thursday as prompts for writers. Those prompts are still up and available. They are archived – along with the collaborations – at

This second image is from a scroll of creation myths. This was the first in the series. The size is about 3.5′ x 4′, acrylic lay-in finished with oil glazes on printed linen (image painted on the reverse where the bleed of pattern became a more subtle background).

If you write something be sure to leave a comment and a link back to your work so others can enjoy it also!

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11 Responses to Creation Myth # 12

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  2. Damyanti says:

    Hi Rick,
    Just stopping by to say I put up something based on your first sketch.
    Thanks a million for being so kind 🙂



  3. McKenzie Jones says:

    17 years ago! 🙂


  4. rick mobbs says:

    Damyanti, I’ll check it out now. I love your multiplicity of sites and blogs. Glad you are still going strong.

    mCkEnzie, that long? Maybe I should have added braces? When will we see you in NM?


  5. jenny says:

    Great picture! Can you believe she is a married old woman now?


  6. Damyanti says:

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for your visit, and I did get quite carried away by the picture, did’t I….hope your niece does not mind :)…the person I wrote about is not her, but Anna Williams, the latest inmate of the madhouse I call my head!


  7. Damyanti says:

    I meant “didn’t” of course…


  8. Tina says:

    Hello there 🙂 Yes the image prompts were such fun. Great fun to see everyones different take on it. Hope you & your beautiful family are well.


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