rick and ada (1 of 1)

in the interest of time…

Rick Mobbs is a minor 21st century figurative painter, likely destined to be remembered as the husband of Naomi Swinton, and the father of Jason Bruno, Spencer Broadus Aurelius Mobbs. The new arrival (July 4, 2008) Ada Corrina Meridian Swinton will likely outshine him, too, but he keeps plugging away – painting, writing, assembling all manner of things and trying to destroy as little as possible as he makes his way through life, one day at a time.

More info, paintings, drawings, metals and sculpture at rickmobbs.com. Resume and samples of work in film and tv at  New Mexico Storyboards and Art to Go

ada's pony, ada's world

ada @ 3 weeks

kids on the porch, corn in the field

the amazing mr b

earlier photos:   Ada’s arrival

35 Responses to About

  1. openhand says:

    Ach, as we love you, we beg you to leave off the “minor”…thou art a painter, in the fullness of the lineage and tradition. Qualify not with modifiers, and thout shalt speak a deeper truth.

    Be undiminished by false modesty, as it unbecomes not just you but the muse you serve so well. Shine!


  2. sleepinghill says:

    A deeper truth I am diving into.

    I am working on a double portrait of Beethoven as a young man. For Broadus’ piano teacher in exchange for his lessons! Will post. xox Rick


  3. ozymandiaz says:

    I have just caught a glimps
    a shimmer of a thread
    and already
    I love you
    I hate you
    I want to be you
    I want to kill you and take over your life
    that I would fail at miserably
    (as always happens when I kill someone and take over their life)
    then mourn my indiscreations
    Jeeze, you must be one hell of an impressive dude.


  4. sleepinghill says:

    El senor Ozymandiaz.

    & find
    a poem.


  5. DSvT says:

    Nice to meet you, Thanks for visiting my chinese and english blog.

    Do come back always, I will drop by here once in a while…


  6. sleepinghill says:

    internet down on campus (uwc.org), will check in with you later. Thanks for the note.


  7. Gina says:

    Rick, thanks for passing by my blog Syros Paintings. I found visiting your site to see what you meant by our work being somewhat similar absolutely lit up my morning. I love your images but found a great deal I could relate to in what you had written too. Check back into http://paintingsbygina.wordpress.com a little later today and you’ll find yourself featuring on my Inspirations page. If you want to choose an image to go with the post let me know.


  8. sleepinghill says:

    Gina, I have checked back and you are extremely kind and I thank you. I’ll send you some images. You are welcome to pull something from my website if you wish. I look forward to following your work. I am still a bit shy about posting my thoughts online so you are good model and inspiration for me. Words don’t afford that veil of ambiguity that protects us when we communicate with images. This is good exercise!


  9. nochipa says:


    It is nice to meet you. I know surely people must tell you always that your art is amazing. If they don’t, they should. You have such a gift [I know lots of work goes with that] but the ability “to see” is so strong. Every piece has a “spirit” and a life all its own. One part in me just wants to admire the work for what it is, the other part wants to know “how” you breathe so much life into it. At any rate, I think you are gifted both as a painter and a poet.



  10. sleepinghill says:

    Thanks, Nochipa.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts. The people who like the images I paint tend to really like them. To others the work just seems to be invisible (or maybe too cluttered). I do enjoy my gifts and do enjoy stretching and sharing them. Your note on process is interesting. I can see already that it would be useful to me (if to no one else) to share some of my process and thoughts on the ways the pieces develop. What is really interesting to me is the way a website or blog takes on a life of its own and this new medium issues its own tiny, persistant call for the artist’s attention.

    Thanks for checking in. I’ll be back to read more of your very evocative and beautiful work. I love your name.


  11. For the past hour, I’ve just been enjoying this feast of words and artwork. It’s been an hour well spent. Thanks for sharing all of this. Just wonderful.


  12. rick mobbs says:

    thank you so much mz mcqueen. I’ve been enjoying your mood swing. (stay out of pizza hut. it’s for the best.)


  13. janetleigh says:

    What openhand said. Since I can’t say it better. But jeezes, you are one major talent for just one body..:)


  14. Beautiful and expanding. There are still words;
    to be written inside
    to inscribe itself into
    there are no words

    Please contact about getting together soon…


  15. rick mobbs says:

    Chandler, I tried emailing you. Are you still in Santa Fe?


  16. awsiv says:

    My friend, we just got “connected”, see ya later.


  17. you are way too self-effacing for all your talent! I am drawn to your paintings (visited web site). Seems to me you have earned the so-called “mr. mom” title after years of creative work. Looks like your kids enjoy hanging out with you in the studio.

    I’m off to look at the paintings for some free-writing and maybe inspiration to cobble together a poem.


  18. James17930 says:

    This is a really cool idea. I’m going to write some poems based on your paintings and link it up.


  19. bonnieluria says:

    Rick- how do I retrieve the hour I just spent looking through your blog and website! Your work, your writing, your studio, and that Darfur refrigerator door!
    So much creativity here, I’m not convinced you’re only one person.
    Thanks for your very generous comments to me, which, now having digested my Sunday morning coffee while reading yours, means a lot to me.

    I think ozymandiaz up at the top of this posting summed it up pretty nicely.
    ( although, I would not want to kill you in that sense- maybe just have a transfusion or a lesson or two……)
    Wonderful collection of things here.
    I’ll be checking back for more.


  20. bonnieluria says:

    And PS- A big thank you for the quietly and very subtly mentioned addition to your honor blog roll!


  21. Shiny Things says:

    Such a FUN site you have!!! I have been meandering through it, lost in the myriad of links and posts and poems and stories and pictures – SUCH fun pictures!

    Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and adding me to your blogroll. I am such a newbie here in the blogosphere, never sure where to reply to words left by others wandering through. Or how they ended up at my site to begin with, though imagining the stories behind it is fun all unto itself, the possibilities being limitless.

    And thank you for sharing your world 🙂


  22. DSvT says:

    Just for you information, I moved.


  23. ybonesy says:

    What a wide range of work you do, all incredible. I hadn’t realized that your images were the many I had admired as inspiring Christine Swint’s poetry. Glad to know you’re out here.


  24. Lynn says:

    Fascinating blog/story collection… Your images are beautiful & inspiring!

    Blessings, Lynn

    “A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing.” — William Dobell


  25. rick mobbs says:

    Oops! Sorry folks, I don’t know how I missed your comments.

    awsiv, I just revisited your blog and left a comment. A thoughtful poem you have there.

    cristine, I have very much enjoyed our work together since you left this comment!

    James17930, glad the Taiwan earthquake was not more serious. Thanks for the nanda poem. How about another?

    bonnie, congrats on the “you make my day” award and thank you for your generous note. I love your paintings. How about a studio trade some holiday?

    Shiny things, I’ll find your link and post it so others from here can enjoy your eye

    dsvt, got it!

    ybonesy, you have some great things on your blog. i enjoy the terrific writing and the interviews.

    Lynn, thank you. I’ll be back over soon.


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  28. jorc709 says:


    I wanted to share this with you…your work is amazing!

    empty garden


  29. Rick…Thanks for visiting my blog site and your comments. Seems every time you are there you have a baby in hand or arm. Now I understand some of the squiggly lines in a few of your paintings. I enjoy your work and find inspiration in your talents. Thanks a bunch!


  30. tatoosandscars says:

    Wow Rick! What a treat to stumble upon your blog! You can put me in the, “I love your paintings” category, and I am looking forward to taking one of your images to my writing group. Meanwhile, I am doing a similar project of using the web 2.0 world to build a collaborative book, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it (I am still working on the design of the blog). But first, a parting gift of a micro story:
    “the world is fractured,” she said. “The sky is falling, blood’s been shed, my favorite shirt is fading.” She was broken and he wanted to fix it. He celebrated the sun. He smiled at rain. He tickled her stomach. And yet her tears fell harder. “I know. I see all is beautiful.” And then he broke too.


  31. rick mobbs says:

    thank you jorc, and Donald, and mz tatoosandscars, i do appreciate your thoughts and hope to get back to your work soon. In the meantime, I am once again on the road…


  32. rick mobbs says:

    tatoosandscars, where are you?


  33. Rick,

    I am happy to see you are doing well. You have travelled far from Fields Corner station platform!
    I love you still.



  34. rick mobbs says:

    George, surprise, surprise! I think about you from time to time. Even check the web to see if you show up. And I’m not really surprised to find you here now. Our lives go in circles and spirals. We are far from Field’s Corner and in some ways still there. I was on my way to a meeting as you were leaving your note. I’ll try the address that pops up here for you. And I love you still.


  35. Anonymous says:

    it’s nice to wander through these old pages. I miss you Pops. So many times I think to myself “I wish Rick was here. . . .”


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