Darfur Fridge – thursday image prompt

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Hiking in the woods I found this rusting refrigerator that hunters had been using for target practice. I retrieved the door and it sat in the studio for a year or so until surfing the web I happened across some drawings by children who were survivors or refugees of war or civil unrest. The pictures were collected by Human Rights Watch workers helping the children and were put on the web here. A quick search found kid’s drawings dating back to the Spanish Civil War, WW1, WW2, the bombing of London, Germany, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon Chechnya and on, and on, and on…

I was moved to copy some of the drawings onto the fridge door, eventually adding some of my own but a good many of the drawings came directly from the kids. I added hunter/warrior figures found in cave paintings.

I then traced the figures onto steel plate and cut them out using a plasma torch. I painted some and backed them all with magnets so they are completely movable refrigerator magnets.

I have not been giving a back-story with the images thus far but this one seemed to ask for some explanation. If anyone feels moved to write from it I would love to read what you have to say. As always, if this image doesn’t suit feel free to take another.

(All 3 pics above are the same door, different shots. Steel cut-outs are on table. Sorry, have neither door nor good photos with me now.)


I do this kind of work intuitively, trying not to analyze as I work. The images build and layer. I try to trust that inner sense, try to choose the best on the fly, sometimes backtracking, painting out, painting over, sometimes progressing to a finish. Sometimes knowing when I’ve finished, sometimes..

…I’ll ask my son, who’s eight, what he thinks.

“Well,” he says, “You’re making it different, but you aren’t making it better.”


All of this is just to say that your thoughts on these things are as good as mine, often more interesting and sometimes more fun, and I welcome them.


This week::


Prester John, from crackedheadblog wrote faith without works.


why-paisley??, rockin’ girl blogger, wrote darfur fridge


expalla, known only as expalla (want help setting up that blog? write me) wrote a silly little door


christine, prolific author of mariacristina wrote Lantana using the painting below as a starting point


your story here

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9 Responses to Darfur Fridge – thursday image prompt

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  2. jo says:

    Wow, amazing work. This one’ll be a special sort of challenge.


  3. ozymandiaz says:

    I recall seeing those pictures and hearing the stories. In a world of tragic stories these are some of the most tragic, if that is possible. From what I understand though when officials saw the pictures drawn by the children they realized the government there were sending in soldiers. Previously they had thought the rebels were doing all the mayhem.
    I shall endeavor to write
    this one will be tough.


  4. whypaisley says:

    this piece was just to wonderful to pass up.. bravo!!! what an amazing piece.. and the back story… priceless….

    here is my contribution:

    darfur fridge


  5. annieepoetry says:

    that was a awesome idea, the bullet holes and the cave paintings mixed with the children’s drawings. It must have been hard to do, forcing self to stay focused and not let the grief stop you.

    A fews years back I saw photos of children at war, and some of them had strange, almost curious smiles on their faces in the midst of destruction, they were still children. That is what I take from your project as well. Even we are still children.

    I can’t write about this prompt with a clear head. What can I say that is as powerful as the bullets, the cave drawings, children’s painting and still leave hope as your work does.

    Some of us won’t be alright but we’ll live


  6. annieepoetry says:

    I checked out the kids drawings. Its too much. I shouldn’t have. I’m all anger, sad snot filled curses.


  7. watermaid says:

    I’ve come here via paisley’s blog. You’re doing a great job.


  8. “Well,” he says, “You’re making it different, but you aren’t making it better.”

    This is my first visit but not my last by a long way. It’s getting late and this old woman is ready to call it a day. I could not help but be enchanted by your eight year old son’s observation: Loved it. I shall remember it when editing some words of mine: I may have changed a work, but have I improved it? Arrived at your site through WhyPaisley. Isn’t she something great? Mary from Meander With Me.


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