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Some of the many aspects of Ada

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Catfish and Snapper

Catfish and Snapper. A little something from my friend, Don Jorge.

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Broken Angel (Last Call)

What I have been up to. Beside being a daddy, working in the movies and etc. Here is a picture of a work-in-progress. Wax at this point, about 22 inches tall, ready to gate and vent and cast in bronze … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis

Troy Davis, Born October 9th, 1968. Killed at the stubborn whim of the state of Georgia September 21, 2011.

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Yemaya’s Children – the Orishas return

Another story from Damyanti in response to the image I put up as a writing prompt for her. I never know what will spark her writing or the direction it will take, but I am always delighted to read what … Continue reading

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hello again…

Friends have left notes here over the past weeks and I have either been too busy – or too idle – to respond. I’m reluctant to return to this blog. Keeping it up requires mental and emotional space I don’t … Continue reading

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alone time

is hard to find these days but I have some now and I am puzzling out how to use this blog. I stay away from writing and painting too long – which happens whenever I take a movie job – … Continue reading

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rollercoaster/whooping cough?

Hello everyone, all of you who have left such kind notes since my last post. This is just to let you I have no intention of disappearing from the blogging community, nor of laying this particular blog to rest. We … Continue reading

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9/24/08 image prompt

A day early but I’ll be out of town tonight (off to Santa Fe to hear Isabel Allende with my son, Broadus, who loves her children’s stories, and a van full of international students from UWC-USA). And besides, this is … Continue reading

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1. Winter comes. The leaves must bind their thoughts to now, or too soon leave the branch. Well, indeed… Where is my commitment? Placed in overlays? One facing forward and beneath that, one facing back? One fine and bright but … Continue reading

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9/4/08 image prompt

Wanted to call it, “Bruno Goes To War”, but that’s not really what it’s about. So, for lack of a title I’ll just call it “The Fight”. Have fun with it. Next week I’ll get back to, heck, I don’t … Continue reading

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new writing / catching up!

. Here is Grand Canyon, a poem from Tiel Aisha Ansari, creator of the blog, knocking from inside. The poem is from her 3 trips to the Grand Canyon and accompanies this week’s image. . And flesh and rock, from … Continue reading

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pepek the assassin

I haven’t singled out a poet’s work and talked about it specifically, but Praise, by Joyce Ellen Davis struck me powerfully and I wanted to bring it up and see what feedback came in. I love the painting but it … Continue reading

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7/31/08 image prompt

Hello from the road. Tomorrow we’ll start burning it up. Here is a prompt that reflects the chaos of the moment. Actually it was a fun collaboration with my son, Broadus, but when I look at it now it seems … Continue reading

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a note of thanks

to cristine, for her mention on

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the (friday) thursday image prompt’

We are a little scrambled here, with days and nights, hearts and minds full with work and children – so I am a little late with this one. But with kids in mind, here is a prompt to make up … Continue reading

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Thanks so much for all the messages and love, we’re healthy and happy and so grateful. best wishes to everyone, Naomi

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current image prompt and some photos…

The new baby bumped aside the current image prompt, so I’ll copy it here, along with the new entries… Below the entries are some new family member pictures for those who are interested. I’ll be making a separate page for … Continue reading

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okay, she’s here.

and her name is Ada Corinna Swinton. At least is is now. It’s a working title. Naomi might have other ideas after a few days rest. Ada is healthy and well and is now asleep with her mother.To the many … Continue reading

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a life winking out

  Addendum, November 11, 2011. I am tempted to take down this post. It adds nothing to the debate and drives the blog into a wall. The bottom line for me comes down to the indefensible belief that the state … Continue reading

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5/29/08 image prompt –

Here is this week’s Thursday image prompt. The painting below was done in oils, on masonite, approximately 7’x3′. The picture is of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore as seen from San Marco Square, Venice, just across the channel. and … Continue reading

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5/16/08 the day late image prompt

Hello everyone. I’m posting this from D.C. It’s gray and overcast here but great to be with family and friends. Here is something for this gray day. Sorry the prompt is a little late. More later. Be well! p.s. mariacristina … Continue reading

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hello from cincinatti!

i’m in the airport now, about to board a flight to d.c. will post new image prompt as soon as i can tonight!

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4/23/08 Darfur Fridge (ozymandiaz)

just in from the incomparable oz, creator of the blog Ocellus, a poem about more than the darfur fridge

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#22 earth day – seeing eve (pepektheassassin)

seeing eve, for earth day from pepektheassassin, author of the blog, myunclepepeksjournal. (Definitely go over and check out the blog!) .

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process – on the dangers of overpainting

or, how do you know when to stop? I like the life in the first two. It feels like I start to paint the life out in the next two. It is easy to overwork the painting I am focused … Continue reading

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work in progress 4/11/08

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