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Google’s $10 million, revisited

A couple of weeks ago I posted a notice about Google’s 10 to the 100th project. You know, Google’s call for ideas that could change the world and offer to fund the most popular to the tune of $10,000,000. Deadline … Continue reading

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4/23/08 stupid war (broadus mobbs)

It’s a family affair here. My son, Broadus, explained this picture, Stupid War, to me last year when he was 7. (* hmmm… i must have lost his explanation. must look for it.) We worked on the painting together. The … Continue reading

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4/23/08 Darfur Fridge (ozymandiaz)

just in from the incomparable oz, creator of the blog Ocellus, a poem about more than the darfur fridge

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new mexico peace works conference

This is the conference Naomi is organizing in Santa Fe this weekend. Fun and educational. Anybody in the area please come! (And please introduce yourself!) Details here: Sponsored By United World College-USA, Monte Del Sol Charter School, Santa Fe … Continue reading

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completed work/works in process

A recently completed portrait of Beethoven as a young man. The painting was commissioned by Ron Maltais, the Music Director here at UWC-USA, in exchange for piano lessons for my son, Broadus. I worked from a photo of an old … Continue reading

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