an open invitation to write about a painting, or two…

Last week, feeling on the moody side, I posted an image without an accompanying poem or explanation, asking if anyone would like to make up a story to go with the image. Jo of floresence and Oz of ozymandiaz responded and the result was two of the most interesting and original posts on this blog. Since I have way more original images than I have things to say about them I would like to offer them up for others to play with.

These are narrative paintings, but I don’t always take the time to locate the stories and anyway, my interpretations shift and change according to the day and context, so other’s takes on the images are usually as valid and sometimes a lot more interesting than my own.

We could try something like the format of ‘Totally Optional Prompts’, or do something more informal on a weekly basis and just wing it. We can begin with these two images. Anyone who wishes to write about one or the other or both can post on their blog and send me a link, which I will then post here. Also, please feel free to copy and paste the images into your post on your blog. If that doesn’t work or you would like a higher resolution copy please just ask in the comments section or email me at

(Clicking on the images below should take you to the same image of a higher resolution.)

(I tried to post these side by side but that is beyond me just now.)



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13 Responses to an open invitation to write about a painting, or two…

  1. Childlife says:

    Love this idea! (I’ll just stand on the sidelines and watch the pros work though) 😀


  2. Paul says:

    Oh, also I learned a new word from you, ‘ecphrasis’, i had to look it up, thanks, new words are always precious,


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  4. rick mobbs says:

    I’m checking in from the road, stealing internet from HoJo’s in Albuquerque. I’ll check in again when I get back to Montezuma…

    Childlife, jump on in!

    Paul, I learned the word from gautami tripathy ( just a few days ago.

    Check out Tiffany’s cool story/poem/ecphrasis

    Mr Cracked Head, thank you for the plugon your blog!


  5. johemmant says:

    They are beautiful, both of them, I’ll be back when I’ve done something. Big thankyous!!!! (And Michelle, I think you should jump in too, the water’s lovely 🙂 )


  6. Wonderful paintings. You are aprince to share them. jo sent me over. I’d love to participate.


  7. whypaisley says:

    just this moment got turned on to this site by jo… will have to ponder a bit… but i like the stimuli…. be back


  8. Hey, that’s funny–stealing internet from HoJo’s.

    Here’s my link. What fun! I’ll work on the other painting tomorrow.

    My poem is a roughdraft, but it does tell an interesting story, thanks to your painting.

    How a bird saved the world


  9. Your paintings are wonderful. I can’t wait to start writing something for each of them but, it might take me awhile. I will get back with you if/ when I can write something. Thanks for allowing us to share inspirations together. Have a nice day.

    By the way, I was directed here by Christine’s blog. Jo, thanks for the comment.


  10. johemmant says:

    I’m back, I did something………..I hope you like it, Mr Mobbs 🙂


    I also hope the link works, it’s a while since I’ve done one.

    Thank you very much, I loved doing this one.


    (Jo, I think I corrected the problem in the link. It should work now. By the way, there is so much love in your work.)


  11. johemmant says:

    Oh dear, no the link doesn’t work, I wonder why?

    You’ll just have to swing by. Sorry.


  12. rick mobbs says:

    Hey Jo, wonderful work! I left a note on your blog about it. Here is a link to your piece that should work:

    I’ll also post this on the ekphrasis page on this blog


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