murals and LARGE art

A recent comment (from Paul) proposed the idea of scaling one of the these images up to, say, 5 meters x 10 meters. I haven’t been thinking in terms of street murals but I like the idea. The largest backdrop I have painted was an 18,000 sq. foot cyclorama for the movie, Muppets From Space. For feature film and tv most production designers want to see their vision come to life, but a few designers have given me a free hand to design as well as execute murals and backdrops. I designed and painted the main set murals for the weird tv series, American Gothic, and for the feature films, Deceiver, Body Count, and The In Crowd. The backdrop below was for The In Crowd. It measured 20′ x 20′ and was painted on translucent plastic roofing material. It played in a rave scene in a warehouse, with highway construction lights burning through it from behind.

(The American Gothic murals were supposed to represent the dark events that have darken the history of a small southern town. It was a great little show. I’m sorry it went off the air.)

from \'the in crowd\'

the in crowd, rave scene backdrop

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1 Response to murals and LARGE art

  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic. There is something large scale in your work, not just in the actual dimensions but the breadth of thought, the stone textures and the life within them, its great, the one above with the child,


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