4/24/08 thursday image prompt – weighty voices on hallowed ground

Internet, cable, phones – landlines as well as towers – have been out all day and are just now being restored. Someone (accidentally) cut the fiber optics trunk line running north from Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) and feeding all of NW New Mexico. Major disruption here. Reminds me of “…for want of a nail a kingdom was lost…” Now, if we could only lose our mad, pathetic, dangerous king.

So, here’s the Thursday prompt. Not your happiest of images… The title of the painting is Hallowed Ground. It is approx. 4′ x 6′. It was painted on desert warfare-style camouflage material, using charcoal and acrylic washes. But don’t feel you have to include that title or spirit in your work. Take it is any direction you wish
Here is the image….

and below the image are links to some stunning work by a variety of poets


. Ozymandius wrote ‘Neath the Ground. His blog is Ocellus. Check him out!

. johemment’s poem, hallowed ground, and the link to floresence, her poetry weblog.

. short and not so sweet, by greybeard, author of crackedheadblog

. from bottlecapper, author of diary of a quitter, the poem hallowed ground

. poetry playtime, from misterbooks

. from myunclepepeksjournal, a quiet poem, hallowed ground

. paisley, impressed by intropolis‘ piece on nanda, wrote completion

. niebla, the voice of the hermetic weblog, niebla/fog, wrote dead suburb

. and we are patiently waiting to hear from lakota

Forgive me if I have misplaced anyone. If you do not see work that should be here please write me. If you have questions or suggestions leave a note in the comments or send me an email!


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13 Responses to 4/24/08 thursday image prompt – weighty voices on hallowed ground

  1. johemmant says:

    so sorry, I didn’t think about waiting, how rude am I? I just wanted to get it up as I hadn’t written anything for days……


  2. Lakota says:

    okay…. i may have to play again if that’s okay… ticklings of a story thingy at edge of my brain when i look at this. you may have created a monster… they will be coming after you with pitchforks and torches soon Rikki, dear.


  3. Greybeard says:

    You’re too much Mr. Mobbs! Lord there’s a lot in there. I think Lakota is right, only I’m afraid they’re coming for me, probably just before (if) I drift off to sleep tonight.

    Heck I think the first paragraph of your post fits it to a t. (Tee?)


  4. Greybeard says:

    I’m even more full of myself today than usual. Pardon me in advance. Just wanted to say it just occurred to me to use your painting as desktop wallpaper. Maybe since I’ll be seeing it all day it’ll work it’s way down and back up again.



  5. amuirin says:

    I saw the collaboration over at florescence. I’m glad she posted it a bit early, the mixture of the image and the poem were incredibly powerful.

    Great work, the two of you.


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  7. rick mobbs says:

    Jo, what you wrote was incredible. You re-introduced me to the work. Write and post whenever you please, please.

    Oh, Lakota, to hear from you again would be wonderful.

    Greybeard, keep ’em coming! This is great fun for me.

    Amuirin, thank you for announcing my true weeblehoodness. I am indeed honored.

    I’m on the road, will post all your offerings as soon as I am able!


  8. I tried this one today (for tomorrow) because tomorrow I will be out doing lunch and a movie with my friend. The prompt painting is, as always, AWESOME.


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  10. bottlecappie says:

    Hi Rick –

    I’ve been lurking about for a few weeks and finally got up the nerve to play. My poem is up at my blog:


    I do hope you enjoy it. Thank you for starting this project and sharing your art and inspiration.


  11. misterbooks says:

    Another lurker, thanks greybeard, who takes the plunge. Gentle.


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