about image prompts

I have added this page – the collaborative storybook

to have a place to post the myths, stories and poems arriving in response to the image prompts I put up here on a weekly basis. Look for a new image on Thursdays. I’ll try to post things as they come in. In the spirit of collaboration please let me know if you have ideas for order and presentation. I am new to blogging and I am wide open to suggestions.

Also, please feel free to interpret/reinterpret any of the images on this blog and to post the images on your sites. Please link back to the original image.  If you don’t know how to do that let me know and we can puzzle it out together. I am very interested in knowing how the images are useful to you. I will do my best to credit everyone who participates. And the more, the merrier. It’s all in fun.

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4 Responses to about image prompts

  1. Paul says:

    Great idea. I wish had more time and selfdiscipline. I will have a look,


  2. I’m going to work on this one today. I love her, how she lies in the woods with naked abandon. I wonder who the figure is looking on at the left. I’m thinking of combining the image with a myth it brings to mind, a section of the story of Gilgamesh.


  3. Here’s my link to this painting. I hope I’m linking in the right place.

    I’m amazed at how prolific a painter and writer you are.

    Shamhat’s Secret


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