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7/3/08 image prompt – harbor lights

Hello everyone. Those of you who frequent here know we have been expecting a baby to arrive any day for the last 11 or 12 days now. Maybe it will be tonight, maybe tomorrow. Who knows? In the meantime it … Continue reading

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Still waiting…

But the signs are saying a new life will be arriving here within the next 24 hours… Thank you all for your warm wishes.

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6/26/08 image prompt – soup kitchen witch

Hello everyone. Since we never really know what the day will bring (or when we will knock off and go home), I am putting this Thursday image prompt up early and offering both the original and a later (scribble witch) … Continue reading

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lots of hummingbirds

around the feeder (me) but still no baby. We are in no hurry. Movie has taken over my life. It feels good to be back in the saddle again. More later. Here are links to new work to go with … Continue reading

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a little note of explanation…

…and a picture… the reflection… is anything as it seems? SIZZLE Sigh, child, and sink into the world you know. Let butterflies appear in snow. So what, if the rains come back to Nicaragua? They always do. Would you add … Continue reading

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johemmant’s story (florescence) – standing in the shadows

Jo, the wonderful author of florescence, has written a story to accompany the painting in the post below. I am charged by the collaboration. You can find the storypoem here. I highly recommend a visit for everything else there, as … Continue reading

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notes upon the windowsill

well, nobody asked, but I’ll try to explain it anyway, if only for myself. I can’t remember if the post below – She sits upon a windowsill – started as a journal fragment or as a line that jumped into … Continue reading

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