works in progress

work in progress

Both started from charcoal rubbings. Expect they will both change a lot.

Lost my camera so I took these with my laptop. Good only for a rough idea.

And, oops! images reversed by laptop camera. Will correct in next take.

work in progress

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3 Responses to works in progress

  1. Paul says:

    coool, I recognise the textures and colours of the previous ones, that kind of iconography but the curving blue boy and his energy and strength in that combination of lines, like a bridge almost, brilliant, the whole thing, sensational, a huge, i would make it like 10 meters by 5 metres, huge canvas, or a wall, it is monumental in its composition, brilliant,


  2. ozymandiaz says:

    WOW! I loke the colors and motion in the first. Coming along nicely. So much going on.


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks Paul, and Ozy. I forgot to sat that this is a collaboration with my son Broadus, who is 8 years old now and has grown up in the studio. Among other things the light figure in the lower left hand corner is his doing. He cut the figure out of canvas then used it as a stencil in several places across the painting. The nature of the work is that things come and go as the painting evolves toward completion. Like editing, kind of.

    Paul, I love the idea of a really large painting. I do paint murals but usually more straight-forward compositions. For feature film and tv most production designers want to see their vision come to life, but a few daring souls have given me a free hand to design as well as execute murals and backdrops. I’ll see if there is a way to post an image here… if not, I’ll post to the home page. And thanks for the note on the blue figure and for the idea of making some of these REALLY BIG. I’ll be musing on that.


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