ann’s calf (for ann bunting mock)

ann’s calf

I found this calf in Merida, in the mountains of western Venezuela. The painting began as a scumble of color on a tinted and sanded 2′ x 4′ masonite panel. Then I stalled out. I had earlier painted a series of paintings of cows – cows posed in the field, like paintings of thoroughbred horses, so a friend (Paul Hartley) suggested I put a cow in the painting. I did so and the wondered what to do next. Paul asked me why I needed to do anything else and I knew I was listening to the right person. Below is a close-up of the calf. Later, Ann Bunting-Mock fell in love with it and so it naturally went to her.

ann’s calf detail

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3 Responses to ann’s calf (for ann bunting mock)

  1. janetleigh says:

    Ooooo, I can’t find the right words for the most amazing feeling I had at first look at Ann’s calf above top, the larger painting. If you could describe a feeling for “precious” and “vulnerable” and “beauty” then you’d be close. And I’ll have trouble telling you how glad I am that you happened on to my blog so I could follow you back here. I love the feeling washing over me just looking and reading small groups of words, for now anyway. It’s 4:52 am and I’m almost hitting the keys with my nose, I’m soooo tired. I’ll definitely be back. So don’t go away, okay.. ;>

    [Thank you so much for stopping in at Poetmeister and leaving a comment for me to smile over. ]

    Live simply that others may simply live..:)


  2. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Janet, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you liked the calf. It is a favorite of mine, too. We were both up too late (or too early) last night. I hope you get a chance to snooze today. I enjoyed your beautiful “Ode to Woman” this morning. It will take a few readings to sink in. (I’m awake too early after being awake too late.) Boston is covered in snow. It’s beautiful. Come back anytime. Rick


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