electric cow (barbeque)

electric cow

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9 Responses to electric cow (barbeque)

  1. Marianne says:

    Tee hee. This tickled me for some reason.


  2. damyantig says:

    Cool work, rick! This is just the sort of painting I would buy. What is the actual size of the painting?



  3. ozymandiaz says:

    Looks like instant roast beef to me. It is a very fun image for some reason.


  4. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks guys, Oz, Marianne, Damyantig. I am glad you liked it. Someone asked me to paint them a cow and I was having a hard time getting into the project. Felt a little resentful, actually, and it wasn’t coming together so I drew down a little lighting from heaven and made myself laugh. After that it was easier, I got into it and painted a few more cows. I’ll post some more pictures in a moment.


  5. rick mobbs says:

    The painting is maybe 10 inches across by 14 or 15 inches high. Unfortunately I overpainted the image. (Took it too far, couldn’t stop in time.) And so I lost it. I would be happy to paint you another though! Or to make you a print from a digital file. Thanks for your interest and your comment. It made me smile.


  6. janetleigh says:

    I simply love this painting, Rick. If it were me, tho, I’d simply title it Barbeque Cow and let peeps make the inference themselves. hee hee Can you do a painting of a woman who has just electrocuted herself between ungrounded washer and dryer with straight long hair sticking out in all directions , or of a younger child who stuck a knife in a toaster and was blasted across the room? If not, how about a toddler who just stuck a fork into a wall socket and blasted across a floor? That would be me..:) Talk about barbequed!
    Er…maybe more like toast ..cuz I wasn’t wearing BBQ sauce at the time.. ;>

    I can reallllly relate to this painting..


  7. rick mobbs says:

    Good ideas, janetleigh, I blasted myself across a room once, too. Were you burned or hurt badly when you did that as a child? I found myself on the other side of the room instantaneously but no great harm done. It would make a funny illustration…


  8. janetleigh says:

    omg, so you really do feel my pain! -oo-
    Like you, I was blasted across the room in a wink of an eye; no harm done either – except to my psyche. I was totally stunned into speechlessness (I know, I know ;> ) The knife in the toaster stung then hurt for a bit. Being caught between the washer and dryer was the scariest! I was washing detergent off of my right hand under the water while the washer was filling and put my hand down on some wet clothes on top of the dryer arms length away. I was caught in the current and had to use all my strength to pull myself out of it. When I walked back into the kitchen, my friends took one look at me and asked what had happened. My long hair was sticking out in all directions and I was pale and shaking. I wasn’t burned but doctors don’t really know what all the residuals are from electrical shocks, but it sure messed up my body. Shortly after that I came down with Legionnaire’s disease; I have no memory of the first 3 weeks of that illnesses. About a year after that episode, I slammed my head in the car door hard enough to suffer a concussion, and then.. oh I better stop there cuz it just gets worse and funnier. I could write a book about how I became a magnet that attracted all sorts of weird ailments and accidents since that time. LOL.

    And yes, I think it would make a funny illustration, too. I acquired the nickname “Bill, the Cat” afterwards that stuck for a number of years… heh heh as I like to say, all in a day’s work for the unarmed – genetically! 🙂


  9. rick mobbs says:

    Bill the cat is one of my favorite characters ever. But I’m sure it didn’t feel too good getting fried and frizzed. Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones, really. Hope the string of unhappy events has run to its end. Maybe you should write that book. You do have a way with words… and the world could use a little humor…


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