make the law dance – the new mexico PeaceWorks conference

Make the law dance and the people will love it. Today the NMPWC ends.

New Mexico PeaceWorks


creating a better world through social justice




Sponsored By United World College-USA, Monte Del Sol Charter School, Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences, College of Santa Fe, and Grassroots Leadership
There were 200 high school age students from across the state, 45 UWC-USA students, representing 30 -35 different countries, a number of educators from around the state. Workshops were facilitated by experienced grass-roots activists and community organizers as well as by organizers working on a national scale. Ocean Robbins, founder of Y.E.S. was the featured speaker and a brilliant and funny person he is. The students and the rest of us hopefully still growing learners loved him.

Yesterday afternoon during “open time” I helped facilitate a small group meeting. This particular self-selected small group of 14 kids, gathered to discuss the topic of “kindness”. After much discussion they decided to go to the old downtown Santa Fe plaza and give away hugs, flowers, balloons and candy. They (and half the Plaza) were glowing when the afternoon was over. I’ll post pictures later.

It looks like snow this afternoon. Make the law dance.

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