a dark light poem

Mud and bone and fire and water,
blood and ice and cloud and slaughter,
bloody, holy, hallowed ground,
bloody, empty, silent sound.

The ash upon the embers,
the fire within the cloud,
the sound seeking hearing,
the truth seeking sound.

Shining face upon the pillow,
little, limber, sleeping willow.
Sleeping deeply we recall.
Sleeping deeply we remember.

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9 Responses to a dark light poem

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    much better transition


  2. rick mobbs says:

    thanks. your comment was very helpful.


  3. malgal5708 says:

    this is great:) gorgeous rhymes


  4. wanderer7 says:

    mud, bone, meat, death
    hacking axe, slicing saw
    the flesh riven and rent
    the skull smashed and flattened
    eyes spilling their egg yolk
    the violence of bloody war

    this graveyard speaks little of that
    ’tis but letters, names, and dates
    the true horror is forgotten


  5. rick mobbs says:

    Thank you, malgal5708. I hope you’ll be back to visit.

    Wanrerer7, amen to that.


  6. johemmant says:

    Very special this, beautifully structured, very imaginative.


  7. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks, Jo. All praise to Oz for his suggestions.


  8. That is good. Perhaps even brilliant! You give it a dark twist by classifying it under lullabies. I loved this one.


  9. rick mobbs says:

    Thank you, Ritwik.


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