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a picture for the moment – standing in the shadows

something for this rainy day. would anyone like to make up a story?

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a candle breaks the nighttime

A candle breaks the nighttime, the seconds sputter past. Christina hums the blues to make the seconds last. Her anything but joyful days recall her own beginnings. Her candlesong is one of praise for all that’s left of living.

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Maybe it wasn’t some great or tragic flaw

Maybe it wasn’t some great or tragic flaw. It could have been just an occurrence happening like a watchspring come unsprung and deciding to dance. Power comes from, rests and abides with the old rotten Stonehenge figures and grandfathers. You … Continue reading

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The keepers of the evergreens

I wrote the following nonsense/sound poem for fun. The “translation” was something I did to squeeze a little more fun from the silly-talk: Keepers of the Evergreens The keepers of the evergrees doyen, duyan, dogun, dees, pitched a frighted battlefrees … Continue reading

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a dense little poem for the family

Father swings through the trees, he wrestles crocodiles, white men, personal demons. I see a small jewel,green hills and blue ocean, rotating inside the compass of heaven. Fine silver threads in circles and spirals, fractured pinpoints of gold, ruby and … Continue reading

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the dancer in my belly

1. You can’t see the dancer in my belly, can you, mister? I didn’t think so. And I don’t have the icon to describe, much less, to explain her. You say, perhaps the moon has brought her? (She’s in the … Continue reading

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sizzle (in memory of Broadus Evans)

I wrote this upon the passing of my friend, Broadus Evans, from AIDS, just before the medicines that would have saved his life were introduced. He was a long-time activist in the African-American community in Wilmington, NC. He was an … Continue reading

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