a moody little drawing

a moody little painting sits atop a moody little piece of writing


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5 Responses to a moody little drawing

  1. amuirin says:

    You know what this reminded me of, particularly the bottom portion?

    Marcel Duchamps ‘nude descending a staircase’.


    (when i was trying to find it, I plunked ‘nude going down a stairwell’ in google, and was rather shocked to see my own little blog listed number five for that specific google search. That’s an irrelevant aside, I just had to tell someone. Life is freaky weird.)


  2. Drawn To Art says:

    It does have a similar feel, I agree amuirin. I really like this piece, though I can’t exactly say why. It’s beautifully done though, that I can say with certainty.


  3. rick mobbs says:

    these are rockheads, as in “rockheads of the world, untie!” and yes, there are one or two naked ones running up and down the steps at the bottom. they only look like they have a lot of legs because they do. thanks for noticing.


  4. johemmant says:

    Wow. This is incredible, I love your mind, really.


  5. rick mobbs says:

    The feeling is most definitely mutual, Mz Johemmant. And did I hear somewhere that you just celebrated a birthday? Happy birthday to you…


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