johemmant’s story (florescence) – standing in the shadows

Jo, the wonderful author of florescence, has written a story to accompany the painting in the post below. I am charged by the collaboration. You can find the storypoem here. I highly recommend a visit for everything else there, as well. We will put our heads together and hopefully soon post both picture and poem on our respective sites.

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4 Responses to johemmant’s story (florescence) – standing in the shadows

  1. amuirin says:

    Pretty amazing collaboration, both picture and words.


  2. janetleigh says:

    What amuirin said..:)


  3. johemmant says:

    Oh you are too kind Rick 🙂 I think I’ve told you quite a few times that your painting just blows me away……(and your writing too!).


  4. johemmant says:

    I don’t mean just this painting, I mean all of them by the way (I wish comments could be edited).


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