It was, to tell the truth, a house of sighs.


It was, to tell the truth, a house of sighs.

Red sighs, blue sighs, yellow sighs.

All the primary sighs.

Glum trees shaded the house

and thick dust laid upon the eggshells.

Muffled reports were occasionally heard

from small rooms with closed doors,

but never was there an investigation.

Footprints grew more childlike,

then disappeared altogether.

Years later the house fell in upon itself.

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4 Responses to It was, to tell the truth, a house of sighs.

  1. alteredmind says:

    This house is heavy on my shoulders. I am a Foster parent and I feel that some of our children are left for too long in this house.

    Tell me if you think I am too morose


  2. sleepinghill says:

    This house was once heavy on mine. But I did get out from under it. And yes, the kids are left for too long in these houses so, no, I don’t think you are being too morose. I think the knowledge of the reality so many people face gets to us from time to time. It is heartbreaking. But we have to go on. See the Holderlin poem I quoted further down the list of poems. Maybe that will speak to you.

    I visited Very interesting work. I’ll enjoy browsing there when I have some time. Some of the work is yours?


  3. alteredmind says:

    I didn’t find the Holderlin quote but never fear, I will be back. I do love the name of your blog too. I haven’ read it all yet.

    P.S. All the work is mine, If you know any one who would like to show on the site, let me know.


  4. sleepinghill says:

    You are prolific! And the prices seem so reasonable. I love the floorlamp with the feet! I’ll pass your website on. Hopefully others will want to use it, too.


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