Teach the children paradox

from A Manual for Fathers

Teach the children paradox,
ubiquitous, and equinox.
Teach them how to shadow box
and sing the praises of the dark
and deadly ways of memory and love.

Teach them also how to snarl
how to drive a lover wild
when to laugh when to talk
when to drive a lover off
how to leap from straddled fences
how to tuck and roll and stop.

Show the children how to sketch
a monkey’s life, a monkey’s laugh
Show them how to face the light
how to tell the truth from lies
and how to live through sorrow.

Let them hear you call them
Buttercup, or Noodletoes,
or Pumpkin,
let them see you kiss,
hear you weep, watch you fix
a precious thing you’ve broken.

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1 Response to Teach the children paradox

  1. Mollie Bryant says:

    Love the title.


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