why you drink so much baby?


Why you drink so much baby?
You make people worry,
alla time damn you fuck and fight
an you drink too much baby.

Sometime he love you baby.
Hanging all damn time on the wall
arms pinned, headache
feet hurt
too damn high
an wondering god damn when it gonna end?

Two thousand years they hide
a piece of him in Istanbul.
Constantine did it
an he comin back to get it.
Cause he love you baby.

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5 Responses to why you drink so much baby?

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    sounds like love lorn lost… way lost
    so much for seperation make the heart grow fonder hugh? I never bought that either.


  2. alison says:

    You just write em and we just feel them –deeply. Why do we do these things for love…


  3. sleepinghill says:

    I guess it’s just what we do. Thank god for the light on the other side. Funny how you can’t see it until you’re there.


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