dream images

There is a man in a cage, you can see his hands.
A tower holds the cage, the sun burns above.
The sun wears a face. The face doesn’t smile.
Below, a ruined wall runs to both horizons,
its stones are scattered, nothing lives.
Mountains like teeth ring the distance.
They have no color, no depth, no life.
There are caves in the mountains.
There are bones in the caves.
The bones have been forgotten.
There is a man in a cage.
You can see his hands,
hear his sweat.
The sun doesn’t smile.
Neither does the man.
The man hasn’t forgotten.
Neither has the sun.

Flying things wheel
between the man
and the sun.

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3 Responses to dream images

  1. Soulless says:

    This one, like “On a Subway Under Boston”, has impressive imagery (especially for someone like me who is into lucid dreaming). 😉 And I like the somewhat ominous tone of the piece.


  2. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks, (it is hard to call you Soulless) for visiting. I like the darkness of this, the ominous feeling. I’m waiting on the next chapter.


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