the daughter


we crossed your love with my desire
i spun my faith through your fire
and yours spun through my water.
in the hills her soul found ours,
her voice was mist and trills.
we knew her by her laughter.

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11 Responses to the daughter

  1. Marianne says:

    That was absolutely lovely.


  2. sleepinghill says:

    thank you, oz, marianne.


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  4. johemmant says:

    oh wow, those last two lines, sublime. Lovely……..


  5. paisley says:

    oh i love the concept of this.. like souls destined to be together… simply beautiful!!


  6. Before I was born, my dad knew that he would have a daughter. I am the third child and I have three brothers. I think my dad desperately wished for a girl after two boys and got it.

    He used to say, daughters choose their parents.

    “in the hills her soul found ours,”

    This describes the same sentiment…

    However, a child is it a son or a daughter….


  7. A primordial lullaby, from a father’s heart. A treasure for the babe.


  8. Tina Trivett says:

    This just gave me chills….so so beautiful & perfect.


  9. pieceofpie says:

    love desire water fire… built on laughter from a thousand times ago… being born with purpose gotta remember that..


  10. christine says:

    A love song to her unborn soul, as if you held out your hand and touched her gossamer essence.


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