This little riddle kid

riding the waves

Riddle me this, kid:
This little riddle kid
next to a scrap can
sleeping on a lid.
A half protected
little girl
cresting on
a sea of garbage.

Now the question is,
can thoughts from
a prayer world
produce a pearl
from heartache?

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3 Responses to This little riddle kid

  1. damyantig says:

    My answer to the question would be: of course!


  2. msmanhattan says:

    only if the kid is Chinese and works for a pearl processing company.

    serious questions though: why is the girl half-protected? as in the shell the oyster is found in? is the lid a metaphor for anything?


  3. sleepinghill says:

    Is anyone more than half protected? I suppose this was a prayer that the child would survive as a thing of beauty, inside and out, no matter the hardship or cruelty she would encounter in life.

    Last night I was reading some of the 16th (?) century Japanese travel commentary of Basho, the haiku master. He remarks of seeing a two year old child abandoned by the roadside, naked and crying. He supposes that the parents probably thought she would not last longer than the morning dew. He tossed her a bit of food as he passed.

    Although I wrote the poem long before I read Basho’s note, I was struck by the similarity of our responses to similar circumstances. He tossed bread, I tossed a prayer and a poem. Maybe he didn’t know what else to do, either.


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