selfish lizard- twice resurrected poem of the day


Here is a little darkling of a poem that has been rattling around my brainpan. I’ll try to make something a little more upbeat for my next post. The image I have paired here is the 3rd panel in a 30′ triptych. It started as a 30′ x 7′ painting, which became overwhelming. After several artist friends suggested I cut it into workable sections I finally cut it into 3 parts. Even as sections they are too big for most houses. I would like to find a home for them though. As to what this image has to do with a selfish lizard I can’t say. It is an image that jumped out at me as I was scrolling through possibilities to mate with the poem.

selfish lizard


I can’t feel your pain, assuage your guilt, dissolve your fears,
kiss away, or wipe away, or even touch your tears.
My selfish chameleon perches upon a staff
(the ivory stars hum, the universe revolves around lizard
things) inlaid, yes, and yes, inlaid with meaningless tokens.


Because my own fear haunts me. It propels me away from kindness.
I go to the desert and find a tatooed stick bearing my name.
It writhes burning red and black tiger stripes shaped like a man.
It twists where there is no wind. I make my wishes simple and plain.


Why not? I can’t hear you crying. They beat you and starve you
and yet you forgive them. Only in my dreams am I destitute.
Only in my dreams am I wronged or harmed. You actually burn.


The world is crisscrossed with your love. You are the holy one.
I should be ashamed. I try to cry but no water comes.


Whither thou goest, I shall go also? Your name is older than mine,
my name is learning. My name is drawn to the hole in the sun
that drinks up the rain. Teach me, then, take my hand.

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