7/3/08 image prompt – harbor lights

Hello everyone. Those of you who frequent here know we have been expecting a baby to arrive any day for the last 11 or 12 days now. Maybe it will be tonight, maybe tomorrow. Who knows? In the meantime it is pretty much business as usual here in the Mobbs/Swinton household. We thank you for your kind wishes, funny notes, and your poetry.

As things could change at any moment I thought I would put a Thursday image prompt up now. Enjoy, and if you are in the U.S., have a happy 4th of July (and exercise your right to vote!).

Church of the Old Mermaids, from lirone, author of the weblog, words that sing

Harbor Lights, a first post from the author of the blog, abwfriend

Civilization, from Australia, by the author of the blog, maekitso.

Defining Boundaries, from Guatami Tripathy, who’s blog is firmly rooted.

Thunder Opens the Sky, from Pamela Olsen, author of the blog, Amputated Moon

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18 Responses to 7/3/08 image prompt – harbor lights

  1. betty nurse says:

    hi! i am just here. nice to visit your blog 🙂
    so you are expecting a baby now? that is so nice, prepare anything that necessary for this. we dont know exactly when it arrive, just like u said, it could be tonight or tomorrow. hopefully anything will be okay. make some post about the birth day next time, i like to know about this.
    please visit my blog, i am a newbie. thank you.


  2. nande says:

    What an amazing community here, Rick Mobbs.

    We are all waiting with you and it is as if we are breathing in sync with you. When the time comes we’ll all gather together and help to push with you too. When your moon child is born we will all be so happy and relieved. This is part of the storybook collective as well…

    I don’t always post a poem, but I do like to look in and visit now and then. Just had to say that I think it is lovely that such good people have found this site and it is even more wonderful that everyone cares so much.

    Best wishes to you, your family and all.


  3. Bo says:

    Haven’t left a note in awhile, but I always visit. Keeping my eyes out for news of the wee one. Still want to connect on getting one of your paintings, Rick. Lakota. Let me know the details when you are done with all these current details.

    Best to you all.


  4. lirone says:

    Hmmm… this image arrived at the perfect time for a poem I wanted to write… so I hope you will also benefit from perfect timing!

    Church of the old mermaids


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  6. marlowe44 says:

    12 times at attempted postings here. The cyber gnomes are very active here in the Northwest, I guess.

    Johemmant, my site is linked here on Rick’s BLOGROLL. It is listed as simply, “bibliosity”. The site is called FEEL FREE TO READ. The address is http://bibliosity.blogspot.com and thank you for your interest and curiousity. One meets the most interesting people here on the Rickster’s turf. I am still reeling from visiting the website of Naughty Lakota! Now there’s a dame with brass in her bones. I seem to be too old and dumb to figure out the name link thing. One of these days I will get it together.

    Rick, do not be so coy and humble. I have over 100 poems of my own on my site, and of course I could flood your wonderous site with my stuff too, but I like to show you, and all the other poets you have rallied to the World of Mobbs, what my reworking of your prose is like. When you have some free time, after your gig, after your child is born, maybe you could check out FFTR and peruse the many of your works and paintings I have posted. They class up my act, for sure. But I fundamentally disagree with you, sir, about backing off of my praise of your work, like Gauguin did with Van Gogh–for your stuff does not serve you well moldering and gathering dust in your archives. It needs to be unearthed and be exposed to the light again, and to the public. Feel free to use any of my poems or narratives in your “storybook collaborative”. My site is like yours in essence, in that it is truly collaborative. Friends and acquaintances are gracious enough to share their work, and as well you know, this enrichens the warp and weave of the creativity.

    So if your child makes her/his entrance on the day America was born, how cool and poetic is that? And what Janet said too.



  7. Arkay says:


    I have no idea why, but I’m in love (at first sight) with this one. Please email me with the size and price. If it will fit in my place somewhere, and I can afford it, I want it. Badly. It’s the best piece you’ve ever done (in my mind at least).

    And if it’s not for sale, any way a print (though the obvious texture is part of it’s great appeal to me) could be made?

    I so owe you some words on your previous prompts, so I’ll start in on those later today. Still thinking good thoughts for you and yours and the imminent arrival. It’s gotta be a girl, with how long she’s taking to get ready to go out 😉

    Happy Fourth! as well, in case I don’t get back here before then.


  8. ABWF says:

    Thank you for sharing this image. I don’t know that I’ll be much of a “regular poster” in response to the image prompts, but this one touched me. My post is here.


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  11. hi rick,

    as usual, right at the end of the comments, but i could not resist writing some words to your image prompt.

    it’s here at my blog : http://dsnake1.blogspot.com/


  12. thatwoman says:

    A beautiful image and one I have used this day Thank you


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  14. SurfinGuy518 says:

    Well I just got a text message from my girl friend that she broke up with me! Bad news for me but great for you. Just go to http://www.gf4free.com/members/surferdude23/ Enjoy!



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