8/28/08 image prompt

supernatural bridge (red shoes)

supernatural bridge (red shoes)


4′ x 3′ approx. mixed media on linen. This picture came out of another time. It grew out of a loose scumble of color on the back of a piece of printed upholstery fabric. The fabric was a fine English linen & cotton blend, a floral print and the colors that bled through to the back were subtle and beautiful earth tones – ochers, umbers, siennas – and and soft grey-greens and muted rose colors. I wish I could find more.

I unrolled the bolt of material (about 4′ by 30′) along the city sidewalk and used large pieces of charcoal to pick up impressions from cracked and broken sections, marking out rectangles for approximate image sizes as I went. Then I stapled the 30 foot run down one studio wall. (I worked and lived in what had once been a union hall.) The charcoal rubbings acted as image prompts and I used charcoal, pastels and then paint to gradually bring out the suggested shapes and figures. Sometimes two blocked out rectangles grew together and I would end up with something like this. When I finished I cut out the pictures and stretched them individually. I got seven or eight paintings out of the bolt of material. This one belongs to Carol Roberts. It went to a good home.

I did name it but never did get around to the story. See it in there, anyone?

Well, yes. You saw several. Pretty quickly, too.

. Ada’s Adventure, by Glenn Buttkus

. Water Girl, by Tiel Aisha Ansari

. annunciation, by lirone

. Dancing by lirone

. Goody Two Shoes, by Why Paisley

. Trying to Find Meaning, by Gautami Tripathy

. I’ve tricked your vision; I’ve jaded your sight, by CordieB

. Storyteller, by Nicole Nicholson

also, to go with the prompt of 7/31/08

. i see a raven in the sky, by cheong lee san ( dsnake1 )

. Soaked, by Noah the Great

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18 Responses to 8/28/08 image prompt

  1. johemmant says:

    Beautiful………but your work always is. Their faces, something in the eyes that is so real. I’ll do my best to get this done soon but I’m going away for the weekend. And have writing commitments nipping at my heels. Love to you all. J


  2. I love this! And good to see you back.

    My contribution:

    trying to find a meaning


  3. paisley says:

    well this one literally put the words in my mouth… i just love it when it happens like that…. thanks a lot rick,, you are always an inspiration!!!!!

    here’s my offering….

    goody two shoes


  4. marlowe44 says:

    I was fascinated by both this painting and your back story. You share your art with such openness and heart. My contribution is over on Feel Free To Read.

    Ada’s Adventure


  5. There’s definitely a story in this… about a Water Girl


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  7. paisley says:

    marlow 44 i need a link i cannot find your blog…


  8. lirone says:

    Your work is always full of stories… here’s the one I found: annunciation


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  10. cordieb says:

    What a beautiful, mystical, supernatural, piece. I found this link via Paisly – and felt compelled to join in by writing Another Spiritual Riddle. . . . Thanks for being so gracious! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . CordieB.


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  13. Ah, yes, I love this new one! I still cannot make a link. But, clicking on my name should work….


  14. rick mobbs says:

    Thank you all. Noah, I lost yours, sorry. I’ll put it up now.


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