work in progress

Moved into new studio in the Spring of 2010 and started new canvas (6′ x 20′, minor monsterpiece). (Pics should be 2 post down from this one.) That work interrupted shortly thereafter by life and work. Finished in September painting on “Cowboys and Aliens” movie. Civilized hours, good people to work with. Home again now, centering down, contemplating the approach of my 2nd Saturn Return. (What do I want to let go of? What do I want to keep this time around?)

Thirty years ago the choice seemed perish or change. I changed, (had to, I’m just not as tough as my companeros who took things to the very bitter end) but I still wrestle with familiar demons. We spin through space (real?), across time (not real?) and splat against choices and endings: some immediately or ultimately fatal, some just painful new beginnings seasoning us for more of the same.

The issues may be familiar but I am thirty years older. Saturn may be positioned again as it was at the time of my birth but everything has also moved – along with all the rest of the stars in this spiral galactic arm – to some new place in the heavens. The idea of the Return is one more useful metaphor, this time borrowed from astrology. A poetic concept that speaks to me as I contemplate my years on the planet, and the ways in which I would like to spend the years that remain.

The life, I suppose, is the real work in progress. I have not been keeping this blog current. Life with a two year old, a ten year old, a 37 year old with kids of his own, a partner still stunning after all these years, my freelance work in the film industry means posts here are now few and far between. I see from the blog stats that people still check in from time to time. I want to thank and send out my best wishes to all who stop by here.


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