ada crazy hair

our little firecracker turned 2 on the 4th of July. I’ve been away from blogging (and painting and writing) for quite a few months. Work, family, a nest full of kids can do that. Does it to me anyway. Starting again with family pictures is a way of re-introducing and re-centering myself. I’m finished with my most recent movie project and have a little time at home now to get back to the writing, painting, making up stories. I would wish for more time at home but with half the country out of work it doesn’t seem the time to turn down a paying job. Not until my famous artist career lumps out of low gear anyway.

I’m trying to puzzle out how to make a gallery of pics I can then link to from this page, from one photo maybe, rather that have the whole gallery here. My wordpress skills are rusty from disuse. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Do I need to link to picasa or some other outside photo storage system?

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3 Responses to ada crazy hair

  1. marlowe44 says:

    WELCOME BACK, again and again, and each time you
    stop and share with the Mobbsian horde that miss you,
    and contact, cyber or otherwise, with your wonderful
    family. Well, with Jason aboard, and the grandchildren,
    and all the joy of Ada’s two years, and actual wages from
    your movie work, and settling in your new digs, perhaps
    it begins to make sense why the time it takes to keep
    up on your blog site, facebook, youtube, Twitter, and
    such were just luxuries of time you did not possess.
    So now while you recuperate from your injury, it
    is good to pick your wild cortex once more!


  2. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Glenn, thanks for reworking and posting that paragraph about Naomi. Glad you did as my post-op volubility caused me intense self consciousness when the drugs wore off and I deleted everything I wrote. Shame on me, I know, to just not let it stand and instead to try and rewrite history. It’s called denial, I believe. Glad you saved it. I may copy it back and play with it some more.


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