story marathon

Done. Story on demand for Scott Card’s six day writing intensive. I left the outline in the middle of the 1st paragraph and after that I never knew where the next sentence would take me. The story shows it but there is enough good there to continue working on it.

Card has an interesting thing to say about writer’s block. He sees it, if I understood him, as the mind shutting down because we are bored with the story, or have been untrue to the needs of the characters for fuller, richer development. His answer is to back up to where we were excited about the story and to put away or discard the parts where we had gotten lazy, or turned away because letting the story become what it needed to become was too much work, or we thought we didn’t know how to do it. According to Scott, when we follow this rule the zest for the story returns, the block evaporates, we are no longer shut down due to following an untrue path.

I would recommend this workshop to any serious writer. I’ll post the story after I take it to another level.

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4 Responses to story marathon

  1. marlowe44 says:

    Oh, that’s what happened. Hey, Rick, this is some short story; a little rough on the edges, as would be expected by something created in such a short time. Damn, though, it holds together well, and holds one’s interest. The protagonist is good, interesting. Nice that you can write from the female perspective. Madman on the desert, cannibals in the cactus, are the bread and butter of Sam Raimi and George Romero films….but you found some new twists, humanized it, made the tale believable, filled it with sights, sounds, smells, details that keep our focus. Terrific effort here, sir. Might even be better when blue penciled and tighted up.



  2. Jo Hemmant says:

    Wow. Go you. I could see it all perfectly in my mind.


  3. Nora Fleischer says:

    Hi, Rick–

    Great meeting you there. Your art is amazing– it’s so great to see it.

    Excuse any incoherence, I think my brain melted sometime yesterday.



  4. damyantig says:

    Back here after a long time. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go to all these workshops 🙂


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