i wish i was there. i wish
i was almost anywhere but here.
most especially though,
i wish i was there, where you are.

these people are weird
and this place is strange.
the stars don’t look right,
neither the water
and the trees are all wrong.

how did i get here?
how long do i stay here?
do i really need to be here?
what was i thinking?

the higher power calls me:
hark it sings, hark hark hark,
hark hark hark hark hark hark hark.

the lower power though,
it has a fuller sound.
its sound is louder, rounder, hotter, redder.
it hisses more, and releases steam.
it has fur and juice and teeth,
runs faster, and closer to the ground.
i sure would like to be there. mmmmm…
i sure would like to be there.

we could do something with that power.
we could make something with that power.
if i don’t do something with that power…
i have to do something with that power.

maybe i should go home now.
at least i should call home now,
i could say, “honey,
put the phone down,
close your eyes,

just put the phone down
close your eyes, smile

i remember the smile
your kisses came in

i remember the hunger
the meeting, our hands.

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1 Response to wish

  1. marlowe44 says:

    i wish i had a third
    the imagination that you do.
    i wish the new crusades would end
    and there would be peace
    between christian and muslim,
    between greed and zeal,
    between oil and the horizon.
    i wish 10 months would rush by
    and my seven day weekends
    would come at last!
    i wish my pain could morph
    into something less significant,
    that limbs would strengthen,
    that breath would return to
    depleted bagpipes buried chest high.
    i wish the sun would rise green
    and the world could be cleansed
    and the air could be filtered,
    and the ring of fire would grow moss
    on their glaciers, and wildflowers
    would sprout from magma, from
    sandstone. i wish that Bravo would
    come to their hedonistic capitalistic
    senses, and snag a Mobbs for ratings.
    i wish that no harm ever comes to the
    spawn of Mobbs, that those children
    will wear the rikki tikki glow for their
    life span, and their shine will brighten
    the gloom that gathers in the shadows.
    i wish that some day i will find a
    receptacle for my own meager
    creativity. i wish you well, brother;
    you and yours.



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