rikki once tikki now taviless

al and rick on the back lot, Hudsucker Proxy, The Crow

Al-x Chamyan and yours truly outside the model shop on "The Crow". I made up one after another of these cityscape "groundrows" to fill in the spaces beyond the last buildings of the miniature city the model makers built. Add lights and fog and the city seemed to sprawl in all directions. Al was working in construction on the same show. He rode his unicycle around the studio, sometimes juggling or playing his violin as he went. Favorite Al quote: "Carnival people? Oh yeah, they're pretty much just like movie people, only with integrity." By which I believe he meant that Carnival People know they are Carnies, but movie people think that they are something else.

Oh, Naomio, де ви? Ти зник в самій тонкої в важнічать

I was hoping for an emotionally clear space before heading out later in the week. Instead, I am frazzled to frizzled nub. And very short, too. Much shorter than I used to be, notwithstanding all the years I have spent trying to grow up. I am shorter now than I have ever been, except when I was smaller. I think I am down to about 3 feet, 11 inches. I am looking up at the people I used to look down on, just like they said would happen if I was not careful about the things I said and did, and the ways I said and did them.

I must have said some awful things, because I am even shorter now than I was a few minutes ago. My feet don’t reach the floor anymore and I have to keep sliding this laptop closer to the edge of the desk because my arms don’t go as far as they used to.

Well, I think I had better say good-by and go look for that pill that will make me taller. The ones that mother gave me didn’t do anything at all. But I have found some other ones that did all kinds of crazy things, made me tingle all over, weep, throw up, fall into fascinated gazination. There was one that turned my body into a wave, a long, extended one. It was so long that the front of me lost track of the back of me and I had a hard time particularizing myself again, and when I did, my particles were mostly in Egypt and I had to put them back together on the fly since apparently upon arriving I managed to really piss off the locals. I had to gigolo myself all the way back to America – which took a while because I wasn’t very good at it and because my particles were still arranging and rearranging themselves, which scared the ladies or the occasional gentleman I was lucky enough to find. I got slung overboard from a cruise liner once because, while particularizing, an ear and seven toes fell off and the woman wouldn’t stop screaming when she found them in the bed. The crew didn’t like it and made short work of me.

But I made it back somehow. I am having to jump on the keys to type now so I am going to say goodbye and go look for a large dung beetle to carry me to the medicine cabinet to look for those pills while there is still time.

Я тебе дуже люблю, naomio.

Your Little Rickie once tikki tavi but now so diminished. My tavi fell off and my tikki is starting to feel loose, so I’m gonna git gone before the whole mess evaporates, like Charlie’s did, last Thursda

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4 Responses to rikki once tikki now taviless

  1. marlowe44 says:

    Al looks like quite the character. When I was training to be an actor, back in the late 60’s, we had a fellow student who came to school on his unicyle. Later he followed his dreams and went to Clown School at Ringling Bros., and worked with the circus for 20 years. Kind of wonder what happened to him sometimes. Loved your narrative, your journey into some joyful and bizarre, dark yet dazzling corner of your cortex. You slid the prose into the Mobbsian Kingdom of Imagination so skillfully, it caught some of us unaware of how we got there. I, of course, took the prose, and tweeked it, finding the line breaks that made it unique free verse, and posted it on my site; illustrated by one of your paintings, of course.



  2. nanda says:

    Rick, don’t worry about shrinking, you were too tall to start with!
    Just don’t do it too often.


  3. callie guerin says:

    Great, now this. It s fine just lets not


  4. amuirin says:


    I adore you with my eyes.


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