Blog Reorganization and Bravo cattle call update

Returning from work taking me so many months away from this blog I have started back by rearranging the furniture here (so to speak), an old, old way of getting control over my life. I used to do it so often I finally put everything in my studio on wheels – workbenches, couches, chairs, work stools, tables, easels. I even put myself on wheels, rollerblades, constantly rearranging myself, I suppose. I’ll look for some studio pics to post later.


Bravo’s Untitled Art Project

“It’s so wrong, it’s right.”

“We have all seen you make a fool of yourself, but not on national TV. Do it.”

“You are a casting Director’s dream.” (But you should get a haircut, buy some shoes and fix that broken tooth.)

Great response to the previous post concerning Bravo’s Untitled Art Project. Awesome. Hits shot through the ceiling. Most had nothing to do with me but indicate a high level of interest in the subject. Good luck, all you contenders.

My plan is to have fun with it, use the application forms and requirements to answer questions I need to be asking myself and to push myself to do things I need to be doing anyway: putting together a portfolio of current work and greatest hits, cleaning up this blog , bringing my resume up to date, thinking about my work in the film industry and my desire to move my career to the direction of becoming a rich and famous artist – or a self-supporting one, at least.

The wisdom of the ancients is that everything passes and my experience so far confirms it. If I had a turkey and a bucket of frogs for every time I have publicly embarrassed myself I would truck them to Central Park and release them, and then we’d really have some fun. So I’m not worried. Too much. If I’d gone ahead and shot myself, like sometimes I thought I oughta, well, there wouldn’t be much left of me, now would there?

So I’ll fly to Chicago Wednesday morning, attend the casting call Thursday morning, and fly back to Albuquerque Friday morning. Call will be held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A place I have always wanted to see. Anyone want to offer a couch to crash on or suggest a cheap motel near the school?

I’ll be the guy in the clown suit, life in a backpack, pushing a shopping cart full of old newspapers, crushed carnival horns, rusted crap (I love rust), a sketchbook, a notebook, an ocean, a seahorse, marbles, some shiny hooks, snakes enough for two…  also a basket of frogs, a cornfield, a waterfall, a house big enough for all the family, and all the friends, and all the ghosts of our ancestors, the unborn, and everyone who never had a chance, and all those who got burned, and all who are frightened, and all who are alone, and all who search for meaning, and all who follow a calling, and all who know the gods, in all their many shapes and forms, and all who recognize them in the people around them, and all who don’t.

I’ve heard this somewhere before. Oh, yeah, here.

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3 Responses to Blog Reorganization and Bravo cattle call update

  1. xpalla says:

    you forgot your spoon full of sugar… good luck big brother your 4 sisters are with you


  2. Good Luck & Good Show, sir. Your cyber posse, family, and friends are there with you. Spirit will make the audition a crowd, but just remember we are the spirits of joy, of the glad hand, of the atta boy. You will wow them. How can you miss with the blessings of the 4 sisters there in your backpack. By the way your last paragraph is a prose poem.
    I plucked it and posted it, titling it JESTER over on
    Your writing still knocks me out.



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