War Games; and Bravo’s UNTITLED ART PROJECT

paintball hero

We played paintball in the mountains here, with friends from work. I sprained my ankle and broke a rib and had quarter sized bruises all over my body. I limped for a week and still hold my side when I laugh or cough. It was great. We played capture the flag, every man for himself, king of the hill, team against team, assassinate the president (or protect the president, depending upon the side we were on.) In this photo Broadus was the president. He is displaying his helmet, and the green ooze from the shot Danny got off when he jumped up out of the brush and shot him between the eyes. We, the protectors, didn’t know that the game was supposed to be over when the president was shot. So we shot Danny, dozens of times, and then we shot him some more, just for good measure.


Broadus found a killer place to wait in ambush. He got us all, one by one.


the gods of war call, and we go.


we go nuts, but we go.

But there is another side to Mr B, one we call Ferdinand the Bull. He drags his reading chair to the soccer field, opens his book, and the world around him disappears as the world inside his hands opens and surrounds him. Sometimes, when we know he is really, really in another world we throw things at him, or drop the baby in his lap. But usually, we leave him alone. He is amazing.

ferdinand the bull

Now, tonight: who am I?

Eating raw broccoli from the garden, other green things, lots of bean burritos. Almost bit into a snail hidden among the curly lettuce. Curly snail foot, greenish brown and speckled, riding curly leaves, frizzy edged lettuce.

Tripping over crap in the hallway. Dirty laundry, tools, brushes, books, reference material, mail on the floor; unfolded clean laundry spilling over the living room couch. Ruined paint shoes… all I have left now. Choose any two.

Managing to keep garden watered and critters fed – 2 pigmy hedgehogs from Madagascar or Zanzibar, some such place – and the fish alive, and in clean tanks, too, but all other housekeeping has gone to hell.

Writing from the bathtub. Decided not to drown myself but should be careful of electrocution. When is the last time I backed up this macbook pro?

Finished 10 week gig on Paul, a new movie in production here, brought to you by the British comedy team behind Shawn of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz. No scoops to be found here but will sell secrets cheap through back door channels. I’ll find or make up some interesting lies. Cheap, cheap, cheap, just like the little birdy said.

I have got to be out of my mind to write this here, but here I go anyway. I have just filled out the 22 page application for Bravo’s Chicago cattle call for under-recognized and/or mid-career artists who would like to compete in a reality show against others of their own, surely pathetic kind. Okay, I’m speaking for myself now, as I ponder selling out to the man – or to the woman, to be more precise. Sarah Jessica Parker is the executive producer behind this Bravo enterprise. But then, all art is commercial art, yes? Unless one has outside means of support. It is just a matter of degree. And dignity. There is that.

So, wind me up for ten weeks, then release me from a movie while my family, my anchors, are away and all the weirdness rises to the top, just like Papa Jung said. The task of the human, he said, is to reconcile the opposites we find in our own nature. Fine, but it seems I can’t do it just once and expect the reconciliation to last. I gotta do it over, and over, and over again; meanwhile not letting the laptop slide into the bath.

Family is in NC, where we still have property, business, lots of stuff for Naomi to sort through, pack up, discard, give away, store or send out here. (We came here to NM for a three month gig at United World College. That was two and a half years ago.) Many of my paintings are still there in NC, the ones which were not abducted by my four sisters and taken to Boston to decorate their homes until I pay them back the money I borrowed back when I was a starving artist.

I am digressing. My plan was to reveal the fact that I bought a ticket to fly to Chicago next week to attend a cattle call for artists who think they would like to participate in a reality show to be produced by BRAVO & Ms Parker. Here is an interview Parker gave to ArtNet Magazine about the project, called the Untitled Art Project.

Now why would any self-respecting, stable, mature, experienced, talented and handsome artist want to do such a thing? If you have read this far then you deserve an answer.

  1. Because his son, Jason Bruno, said, “It’s so wrong, it’s right.”
  1. Because his friend, Ian Gold, said, “You are a casting Director’s dream.” (But you should get a haircut, buy some shoes and fix that broken tooth.)
  1. Because one of his oldest and orneriest, closest friends, Venezuelan graphic designer and political activist, Maria Fernanda Sosa, said, “We have all seen you make a fool of yourself, but not on national TV. Do it.”
  1. Because I realized that the application form held questions I need to answer anyway, if I want to move from supporting myself through film work to supporting myself through the work I produce in my studio; and the sifting and sorting and selecting of images is also important to do if I want to take my famous career to the next level.
  1. But the real reason is,  I believe, because the idea sends a shock of fear through me that I can feel down to the webs between my fingers and toes. Thinking about being in front of a camera is like mainlining a vasodilator, or staring straight into the Eye of Mordor.

So of course, I have to do it. #1 son, Jason Bruno, aka “Champ”, understands.

Well, I know I lost most of you during the year of movie work, Naomi’s over-committment, Broadus’ rollicking joy and Ada’s First Year. But maybe some of you do check back from time to time and when you do, you’ll find this long, thin, drawn out scream from someone who used to be just a regular guy but who is now rolling in dough, maybe, or maybe just cringing in embarrassment; or who maybe decided that those grapes probably were sour anyway.

But…. If you would like to be involved, there is something you could do. That is, to select 10 or 20 or however many favorite images from this blog: the storybook collaborative page, or from my website, rickmobbs.com, and email them to me (rickmobbs@gmail.com). Thumbnails are fine, and quick, intuitive selections of however many you want. Don’t trouble it too much. You should be able to drag and drop them. I have to take a portfolio of images to Chicago, and feedback would be interesting to me now. Your selections might help me narrow down my own.

If you want to participate in the show (God love you.) you are a little late, but you can still scramble and maybe pull it together. Twenty-two page application is online here. I only knew about it because last week Lakota sent me an email.

Interesting interview about all this with Magical Elves Casting Director Nick Gilhool on ARTFAGCITY.

So, wish me luck. I look forward to getting back to this blog, reorganizing and updating it, or else abandoning it and starting another one. It has been a rich experience. You are the most important part of it. I don’t want to get too far away from it, or from you.

Love to all,


p.s here is a photo of a work in progress, for Ada,

ada's pony, ada's world

and another, a storyboard exercise for Jack and the Beanstalk that Broadus and I are collaborating on.

jack and the Beanstalk storyboard, with Broadus

p.p.s almost forgot. Aug. 2nd – 8th I’ll be a participant in a writing workshop organized and led by Orson Scott Card, a favorite author. If I can’t get my famous art career off the ground, maybe I can work on being a famous writer.

p.p.p.s. maybe this blog will get me disqualified from consideration for the show. oh joy, oh sweet relief

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32 Responses to War Games; and Bravo’s UNTITLED ART PROJECT

  1. amuirin says:

    While I can think of no greater horror than having to be on a reality program myself, I think you on a reality program… an *artistic one* mind, (like they do tend to make for Bravo- Top Chef and Project Runway come to mind) well, I think that is brilliant. I would love to see you on t.v. I’d be proud to know you, a little-

    and there aren’t many people I could honestly say that about if they were being exhibited on one of those sorts of things.

    I’ll mail you the 10 images, but I know one right off the bat:

    Soup kitchen witch. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Maybe she doesn’t theme in with the other things I absolutely love, love, love that you do, but she shows your range, and she is magic. And that’s got to be worth a little something.


  2. amuirin says:

    (not a little proud, proud that I know you a little bit.)


  3. amuirin says:

    *second clarification

    I’m being annoying, I know, but I mean the version of soup kitchen witch with the blue around the hand and the wonderful scribbled lines in going vertical in the background, like spells or something. That adds to the picture. I don’t know why.

    And I forgot to mention, the paintball on the mountain looked to be terrific fun.


  4. art predator says:

    I love these 2 paintings you posted

    and the images of Broadus, ahhh our boys, boys boys we lvoe them so, don’t we

    Orson Scott Card!! he is an amazing writer, who knows what that might lead to

    so please be careful there in the bath…so many people love you as you know

    but please help me to understand how I can help, how this will help you. because I would like to but I need to know better what it is I am doing, how and why


  5. rick mobbs says:

    you guys are terrific. i think i love you.


  6. Shiny Things says:

    When is your deadline? I would LOVE to help, though I confess I feel woefully inadequate, having only stumbled across you (or was it you that found me?) a short time ago!
    I am packing up to return home from the Gulf Coast, so it may be a day or two, but again – it sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

    I must tell you this, though: I was scanning your post and just about dropped my laptop when I read
    “Managing to keep garden watered and critters fed – 2 pigmy hedgehogs from Madagascar or Zanzibar, some such place – and the fish alive, and in clean tanks, too, but all other housekeeping has gone to hell.” Add 3 cats and a rescued baby box turtle (as in quarter sized) and you could have been describing my life in the preceding paragraph! 🙂 We have recently added 2 pygmy hedgehogs to our wonderful dysfunction, so when even THAT was matching up, I had to reply despite the late hour!

    I’m in awe of your opportunity to attend an Orson Scott Card workshop and your bravery in jumping into a situation like you’ve set out to apply for! So again, tell me when you need it by and I would love to help. And I agree with the comments above – The “Blue” version of the Soup Kitchen witch – is one of my favorites. 🙂


  7. suburbanlife says:

    Love the pictures of Broadus – paint-ball warrior. Also the posted paintings. The story board project sounds like great fun collaboration between Dad and Son!
    At least you have kept the living things in your home alive – this is good. the heck with housework…
    I can’t think of another artist who might have the stuff to take on a challenging art contest – particularly one where you might have to operate in media outside your comfort zone. I’d love to see what you would do as an installation, say, or as a video. Your lovely poetic and quirky artistry would thrive in those media, i think.. and obviously you are used to working under tremendous pressure, or maybe even thrive on that kind of challenge.
    Go for it – you, of all people i have come across this internet thing have the potential to shine, and i love to see the good guys win. Always! G


  8. aph says:

    I don’t think it sounds like too shabby an idea, really, Rick. A bit silly, perhaps, (I’m not a fan of reality shows at all), but with more merit, promise and potential than most of the reality shows out there. Plus, I have the pleasure of knowing you!, and agree with suburbanlife that the challenge of working in mediums outside your comfort zone, trying on new things, and experiencing this kind of challenge may really bring out a new/different level of growth, artistry, creativity, that you may really enjoy discovering.

    On another note, what a fabulous work-in-progress for Ada, and collaboration with Broadus! It’s such a delight — the whole thing!

    Much love!


  9. Emmy Young says:

    Rick you answered yourself…”the task of the human,he said, is to reconcile the opposites we find in our own nature” It is very much like breathing you keep having to do it to sustain yourself. In then out..one and then the other yin and yang Complete in the dance with each other …whole …fuctional…a brand new color perhaps!Have a blast on the show…the answer is a no brainer. (don’t lose your sense of humor)Your laugh will make you a shoe in…soooo when you have a call back remember to laugh to your hearts content.Much love and luck being thrown your way!!!!


  10. lakota says:

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! 😀 I get to stick my face into your art and roll around – yayyyy!
    You are sooooooo going to kick art butt honey!
    will send ya list of faves.
    I have such a good feeling about this for you.
    love ya ~Kota


  11. You are a TRUE WARRIOR! You ROCK! You should win. Doesn’t mean you will, but you should. You are THE BEST. The world should be so lucky to know about you.


  12. PS, I don’t know if he remembers me, but if you do see Orson Scott Card, say hi for me. I took a class from him at the University of Utah. He read the galleys of my first book and told me I was a “real writer” and even wrote a blurb for the back of my book, CHRYSALIS. I am just now putting together some of the sf stories I wrote for his class into a little book. You are a lucky dog!


  13. Tara Trudell says:

    Hi Rick,
    Wonderful writings you share! Love the pictures and really like your collaboration with Broadus/Jack and the Beanstalk…especially like the daisy touches!
    You are following a path that will be one hell of a ride so hold on and blow them away! You are an exceptional artist with a family to feed and love…in this time and age, why not do something so out of the box to help you live a life of a successful artist, father, and husband?
    Life is painfully tender and following our dreams is the most brave thing we can do for our spirit to thrive…being an artist is one of the hardest paths to follow as their is no guarantee everyone will get it or buy it, but it’s all you know and desire/drawn to do…sorry, I’m starting to ramble this early Sunday morning so I best stop here-go for it and you have our support! Your family is just beautiful and refreshing to me and mine…thanks for sharing Rick-
    Tara and kids


  14. rick mobbs says:

    thanks for the love and support and the advice to be fearless. Art Predator says not to apologize, just enjoy it.

    I think it will be fun, actually, just a little scary putting it out there. I like the way amuirin puts it: …”while I can think of no greater horror…”

    Joyce, I’ve been meaning to write you about the workshop. I can’t imagine Card forgetting you. I was going to ask him if he knew you. I planned to show him your poem, Praise.

    Shiny Things, kindred spirits, we knew that. Enjoy your return home.

    suburban life, i do work under great pressure sometimes. I dread it but keep returning to it. I think I must thrive on it. How did you know?

    aph, thanks for the note. I’ve never actually watched a reality show, just clips of some stunning performances on youtube.

    Emmy, where the heck did you come from? How’s life in ILM?

    Lakota, you started this, thanks for the note about the casting call.

    Hey Tara, ramble away. Great to see you here. Big old kiss to Daisy. Broadus has a phone now. Will give you his number when I see you. Is the weaving center coffee shop open on Sunday mornings?


  15. rick mobbs says:

    This will teach me to complain to my sister. This note just arrived:

    Relax, just spend the next hour cleaning and you’ll be fine. You are using Naomi’s absence as an excuse. Go do your laundry, get out the windex and the vacuum. Seriously, I promise, give yourself 30 minute to and hour and go on a cleaning spree. You will feel like a new person. I am an expert on this, by the way. You should be sweaty and need a shower when you are done. Go do it. don’t let add take over either, don’t stop and look at shit while you are cleaning. Just clean, even if it is for just 30 mins.

    Here, this will help.

    1. Throw in a load of wash
    2. Start the dishwasher.
    3. Make your bed.
    4. Put all the clean laundry in a few baskets and put them on the couch (you can fold later while watching the news or something).
    5. Vacuum or sweep.
    6. Wipe down kitchen counters/bathrooms with something that smells clean (pinesol/murphy’s oil soap/lestiol…whatever you have) & windex bathroom mirrors.
    7. Shake out front door mat.

    You can do it. Ready,set, go. STAY FOCUSED!

    Let me know how you do.

    By the way, Steph’s website is here.
    Her business is Andover Graphic Design, Andover Mass; andovergraphicdesign.com


  16. ybonesy says:

    Ha ha, what a plum of a sister! Tell her I could use that kind of kick in the pants once and again.

    Bravo, bravo! Glad yer goin fer it. You’ll be great. I hope they pick you. But my gosh, a reality show for artists? Have they come up with one for writers yet? And what about knitters? I guess the sky’s the limit. I may have to subscribe to cable TV if you get picked.

    I’ll be back to pick the 10 faves of your pieces.


  17. Isabel says:

    Bravery never goes unnoticed.


  18. nanda says:

    Did you do it? Did you follow Steph’s instructions? If you did, you must be taking that shower right now. I will give you a call in a little while.


  19. ybonesy says:

    p.s., Where’s the workshop with Orson Scott Card. He’s a favorite with my husband and oldest daughter.


  20. Valerie Fann says:

    Rick I am so glad you are doing this. Can’t wait to see you on TV, I have faith you will make it. A while back I posted application info on facebook hoping some of my talented artist friends might apply. Good Luck and have fun!


  21. Cheryl from Yellow Springs says:

    I always thought you deserved more exposure – maybe this is it. Get the tooth fixed first though so your smile AND your eyes can twinkle! What a wild idea. I will drive up to see you in Chicago if that would help.

    Another reason I trust your decision is that I just said goodbye to James McCarthy, one of your Lesley ADO alum buddies who is also putting in one last kick to be “the best.” We agreed that getting out of the movies was a good thing. His one feature film To Win All Wars, was not the key to success. But he is perhaps the best arts educator in Hawaii and has his own celtic band to win local fame. he too is ready to launch onto the national scene.

    Yellow springs is only 5 hours from Chicago….



  22. rick mobbs says:

    IsabellaIsabella, are you still heading out this way?

    Nanda, will try you on skype.

    ybonsey, I just emailed you with details of Card’s workshop in southern VA.

    val, thanks for the cheer, and for thinking of your artist friends.

    Cheryl! Meet me in Chicago! Will send itinerary and details.


  23. Joe Connor says:

    Hi Rick, Seems surprising if this mail reaches you. What is an RSS feed? Who is Sarah Jessica Parker? What is Bravo?
    When I look at your paintings feel soothed by the pleasure and
    dont want to interfere. But it is insane fun to interfere, so…

    It seems sure you were creating these images in the moment “with all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves”-
    “far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow” The images seem to
    be you not thinking, not grasping, not doing all the things that
    manufacture thoughts about it. For sure I know this- it is finest
    kind, pard.
    I did janitor work for a woman who is a top dog at a premier
    art criticism institution. She was a pain so I failed at love and
    commented that my zinging pain upon consuming her work was
    that it chronically flogged artists and put them in stockades for
    severe punishment and that the criticism was painful to consume, that the criticism was antagonistic, hateful, hideous,
    and monstrous.
    There is a virus built into being judged on the tv show, I assume; their job is ok as far as it goes, but it is different
    from your goal. Their job is to meddle with your goals, compromise your cheer; jeer. Like the gladiators and lions in
    the Roman Coliseum, eh? They are the rattlesnake, the open
    grave, ha ha. Their job is to confuse and refuse. I bet part of your job will to be not missing the chance to appreciate the
    beautiful construction of the sidewalks of Chicago. I was mugged and robbed in Chicago, of my backpack, but hardly
    remember that, but do summon the memory of the beautiful
    sidewalk I was standing on when I was accosted fairly gently
    by dudes who needed a backpack. Luckily I never thought in
    those days that people would actually harm me, and oddly, they didn’t.
    Doing the show seems like quite an existential errand, like my
    job cleaning toilets, being a knight of the broom and plungeur.
    For 8 years I have loathed the bosses. It reached a crisis when
    everyone seemed to be my boss. I have gained succor in the
    notion lately that I will never change them, influence them,
    interfere with their system but that I have to change myself
    their is no other choice and that does make that task easier
    to swallow. Fact #1- I work for a cabel of bosses injured by
    inbreedin and other nightmares and blights and I feel left with
    the instinct to, finally, just accept it. It is a deadly serious problem for me for which I am becoming into an attitude of gratitude which is my beatitude. Former measures of addressing “the problem” have been punily effective and in the end contrary to my goal, which is peace of mind. So my new thing is to accept once and for all that revolting developments shall roll in. Acceptance seems to leave energy, does not drain, does not resist, does not seek to force, does not niggle and insist. It gives relaxation a chance. I read somewhere that great dancers have learned first and foremost how to relax. It is true for me that in golf when I am addressing the ball and that rare surety comes of how the ball is going to act, how the arc will be, arrives in my brain, blood and guts, it does happen that way. Before hitting the ball I am so sure from experience of the outcome that I feel an instant of nostalgia for the pleasure before it happens. Am able to remain both relaxed and thrilled and the thrill does not much threaten to escape or fly away, unlike, for example my sexual experiences, darn.
    New on the computer have not learned to back track for reference yet, but the picture of your son is a beauty. Yikes
    does he look full of beauty and energy.
    Your paintings , I have accessed just a few so far, are the real
    thing to my eyes, they do breach the blood-brain barrier. I hope you continue to make them not too perfect. Honest, they are so good I would like to view them while listening to
    coltranes “My Favorite Things” while in a rocking chair, with only natural sunlight, followed by “Here Comes the Sun” by
    the Beatles, Nina Simone and Richie Havens. Then some Joanie Mitchell, Pat Metheny, and Mose Allison and Randy Newman.

    Anyway, getting back to the “reality” TV show. I will use my experience. When I met you I was about as stable as a sneaker full of puppy shit. But, through the years, from the outget, I do not recall any time when you tried to change me, which is some trick being you were my sponsor. I do not recall
    being aware of duality in my time with you. Yes, the memory circuits were likely blown and all that jazz, but do recall that
    your help for me seemed to always come from the sweetness of suggestion. If I had whiffed a demand for change I would have boiled over with resentment. You were not a hounddog pursuing change in others. You never seemed to make an observation of how fucked up I was nor ever seemed to demand that I change. May be we shared an identification with each others predicament and intuited that change was
    only to come with no demands, no pattern, no ideal, no pursuit, even no action. Going to meetings almost did not seem like an action, I was lucky that showing up seemed to come from being in some vortex or swirl or stream and this deposited you in the seat. Catzooks, a meeting would be good to beat down the demons. Having demons, I guess, is natural,
    wired in, older than mystery. When they come I have been trying to instruct them to go away for now, not a good time,
    no matter how hideous thy seem they are not the worse-case
    scenario, and they do go away. Funny how polite demons are
    to me if I am live and let live to them. Hey, everybody has to make a living.
    On the tv show, if you just act naturally, believe me, it will be compelling watching. It seems to me you got some things going for you that are compelling must see tv. One, you are
    brave. Two, you have a great laugh that coordinates richly with your facial expressions and body language, all of which
    unmistakably show you to be honoring life on earth. Three,
    your eyes glow often, they glisten even, which is probably a sign that no matter the external circumstance or evidence you
    are one heading out to the territory, new territory I mean,
    may even suggest you are an extra-terrestial being, four, I would guess from your e mail the other day that you are that
    marvelous trickster sometimes, the aging artist who keeps it
    simple. Of course we are now senior citizens, eh Rick? Long way to go?Hope so… Fifth, you have tremendous talent that
    you have developed, which, for example, would be recognized
    by, say, Robert Motherwell, if he were to knock on your studio door to ask for a glass of water and see your paintings, and then buy one or four, or three, or eight, and that would soon enough be noted in the New Yorker magazine, and you would
    then be in real trouble, a man who needs help, but you would be unlikely to recognize that, you would become recognizable
    instantly, your work would not grow, the I.R.S. would kill you a week or so after you died, your family would have to sell everything and move and uproot only because cash would be needed to pay the estate taxes on your work valued at $60,000 per canvas or more, things would rapidly become a worst-case scenario. Lucky Motherwell has died, he was one to recognize talent. I used to make veggie sandwiches for him.
    At the time I possessed the worlds only collection of Martin Pickwicks paintings. I asked Martin if I could show Motherwell his work and in short order he nixed that notion.
    In the matter of your cleaning and tidying up. Some men need help- I will help you in the years ahead on this task, it will be easy believe me, but I am now, today, at a critical stage in mine own cleanup efforts that are now in year 3. I have departed with tens of thousands of things and stuff. About 14, no kidding, large refuse containers, the giant living room size
    dumpsters, and also may be 1000 large bags of 3 mil trash bags full of “stuff” I am in the home stretch now. I am losing
    my grip on things thanks God. Anyway, Rick, If need be I will
    acquaint you with how to clean. If need be I will save up off days and fly out, dont pick me up at the airport I will find my own way, and clean your crib, but also show you the necessary tools and daily accoutremonts needed to maintain
    an absence of mess. This, I believe. Consider it done.
    Ohh boy, have a visitor coming in 2 hours, need to clean this
    mess. joe c.


  24. Rick, Rickitiki, Rickster…..my God within, here you are, back again, like you did with NOW SHE’S AWAKE. I took your prose from FIRECRACKER GIRL TURNS ONE, and posted it as poetry, which your prose naturally is, on my site.

    This opportunity has fallen into your lap, into your arms, like golden manna held up with gossamer angel’s wings!
    Agreeing with all the commentors heretofore, you will be perfect for reality TV. Sarah Jessica Parker, who is no dummy, will respond to your art, your personality, and your “look”. You really do have a Sam Shepard thing going on, a natural man, handsome but not beautiful. My first pick for your portfolio is STUPID WAR. And I agree the KITCHEN WITCH needs to go along, in one form or another. There is that one of the stellar Amazon standing tall wielding a war pike, that many of us wrote dragon stories and poems about. You certainly have at least a 100 to choose from; just show your range, from natural to the abstract, from fantasy to metaphysical. How many can you take with you in the portfolio? Oh, make sure to include the one with the woman holding the child looking through the archway at the dolphins too.

    As to your writing workshop, great news too! I have praised your writing style for over two years, sir; your vision, your symbols, your turns of phrase and unique wordsmithing have always smacked of brilliance. I pulled many a poem out of the depths of your prose, heart, and mind. It is rare to have a dual nature in Art, such as you have. The icons that emerge both in paint and prose and poetry are nearly identical twins of your soul.

    Good luck on both endeavors! I think you could be an instant celebrity on Bravo. Many of us have a “good” feeling about it. And when you get to the call backs, and they do the filmed bio of your home and family, that will cinch it for you!



  25. rick mobbs says:

    Joe. You. Need. To. Write.
    Seriously, that was hilarious. I want to read more. Everybody will want to read more.

    Go to http://wordpress.com/ look for the transparent blue box on the left and select “register new blog”. It is free and you will have a blog up an operating minutes after you name it. I always thought there was a writer in there and there is. A great one. Now open a blog and write every day. It might just save your life.

    Email me. I’m scrambling but I want to hear from you.



  26. rick mobbs says:

    Glenn, I was wondering if I would hear from you. I was hoping to and would have sought you out if I did not hear from you soon.

    Everyone is so kind and supportive. They are holding the interviews at the Art Institute of Chicago. I have always wanted to go there. There are so many great artists, some in suits, some with fish hooks through their tattooed lips and ears and eyebrows. I imagine the casting call will be a circus and I intend to enjoy it. I’m going for the fun of it. We’ll see what happens.


  27. Emily W says:

    Wow Rick, best of luck! I’m glad you posted this on facebook and that I discovered this website of yours!!! I was startled by the reality show aspect, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to fit with other things – like breaking a rib playing paint ball. It’s perfect, in a very odd way. And I imagine it will be so entertaining – I will be very interested in the stories of the circus in Chicago, if you are willing to share them! I am inspired to pick up my own pen again… it’s been over a year.

    And Joe, I don’t know you, but I was captivated! I hadn’t yet read Rick’s response to you, but I wholeheartedly agree with him.

    I hope you are hanging in there, Rick. It sounds like you have some fun adventures to look forward to. Oh, and thanks for the apple pie, it was delicious!


  28. Wish I had a sister! …Wish I had a HOUSEKEEPER!


  29. Arkay says:

    Loved the paintball regaling, as well as more insight into your wonderful family. (i haven’t been to visit here near as often as i like recently, but your email was a potent kick in the butt).

    As for the art, i’m pretty sure it will be an easy thing to pick some favourites to represent you, the hard part will be narrowing the list down i think, lol! (will email asap my ‘choices’).

    Side note: I am a huge OSC fan (very little of his I haven’t read, so i can’t think of a better forum for you this August)


  30. Stephanie says:

    I tried. Oh, how I tried to meet you in Chicago. It would have been so entertaining staying in the same room with you. I would have had so much to tidy and organize that I may never have seen the city. Ha!
    I really did want to be there with you, even if it meant standing in a line a mile long and fetching coffee for you every hour. That’s how much I love you. You are my favorite brother & always will be.
    I hope that you are one of the chosen few tomorrow. It really would be fun~fun~fun to see my shy, extrovert brother on tv. Bravo won’t know what to make of you. Just as they have you figured as a quite, old soul…you can jump out and show them that other side….good luck…I’ll be there with you in spirit!
    Lots of love!


  31. Martha says:

    Hey Rick!
    Good luck! Does this mean you get to stand before Miz Jay and Tyra? I heard about reality shows but get confused by them. Just kidding. It would be so fun if you get selected. Love, Martha


  32. nan de says:

    Hello Rick,

    It has been forever and it is so wonderful to read all the news and the turns your life may take… Thanks for tuning us in.
    I am certainly going to pick my favorites from your oeuvre and I’ll send them to you soon.
    As for reality show, of course, do it – you know you want to. Don’t take it so seriously though. Reality Show – nothing to be worried about there. Each of us could easily star in one, and perhaps we already are… perhaps we are being watched and giggled at right now.
    Really does it matter? A little, but being in a show might helps put things in perspective. When we are observed and our lives are out there, maybe everyone can learn something. I like it.
    We are going to be in Sta. Fe for Don Giovanni on the 8th of August. I very much love that part of the U.S., there is so much beauty and good in them hills – and you guys are there too…

    Best wishes to you and to the family. Have fun and be well,


    this sounds wond


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