firecracker girl turns one: (some of) the year in pictures

Happy 4th (now 5th) of July, everyone, and Happy Birthday, Ada Corinna Meridian Swinton.

She is a fierce and funny newcomer, strong and determined. The universe is her home, and for now, we are her country.

Who knows where these kids will go, what they will see, what they will do? We follow our imperative and they fight their way in. We bear, feed, clothe, nurture, protect and educate them. We love and would die for them. Time will tell us who they are and why they have come. Whatever they become, whatever their tasks or missions are to be, whatever joys or sorrows come to them, they will always be our children. They say the beggar supplicates, but the son and daughter appropriate. Appropriate away, children. Broadus has claimed half my studio as his birthright. What happens when Ada claims her share? Or Jason, the grown son, carrying his weight now, and with children of his own? We all move over a little, and make room. I hope they like our music.

july 3, 2008

Naomi, 3 July 2008

july 3, hours later

later in the evening of the same day


and a few hours later


and she’s here


and we call her, Ada.

naomi, broadus & ada, day 1

naomi, broadus & ada, day 1




Now a year has passed since she arrived, moist and pink and howling. She’s feisty, determined, smart and funny. She’s walking! She adores her older brother, Broadus, and in turn he loves, protects and plays with her. We are lucky, happy, and grateful. We are humbled by the beauty in our lives and the strength and love of family and friends. We wish to thank each and all for their love and prayers and help this year. We could not have done it by ourselves.

naomi and ada, at 3 months

rick and ada (1 of 1)


(photo by Logan Bunting Mock)


basket B, basket A

basket B, basket A 2

basket B, Basket A 3

basket B, basket A 4

clown face

1. ada piano

3. n, b, a in backpack

4. R, B & A

5. to see as one

2. clambering, looking, moving about

Ada and Naomi, 11 months

happy boy

and I am out of practice blogging, and now out of time. Tomorrow should be my last day on “Paul”, the movie I am working on. Then to find my place again with my own creative work. We have been working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day for months, leaving only time for family and sleeping. I look forward to catching up with my friends here. Thank you for checking in from time to time and for the notes you have left here. I am looking forward to time in the studio, time with family and friends, and to a week-long writing workshop with Orson Scott Card in August. (Hear me, Pepek?) That should get the wheels turning.

Thank you, Amuirin for the video below, which I lifted from your blog yesterday. It is perfect for Ada’s birthday.

p.s. enigma, thanks for the horoscope. we read it again. it fits.

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3 Responses to firecracker girl turns one: (some of) the year in pictures

  1. Jo says:

    Happy birthday to the beautiful Ada, her spirit really does shine through. Lovely to see you all again…….I’ll write you. J


  2. amuirin says:

    Yes, Happy Birthday!

    It’s good to read you again, Mr. Mobbs. You have a very beautiful family.


  3. Tina T. says:

    Nice to see you’re posting again 🙂 Happy birthday to baby Ada. Wow, she is gorgeous. Looks just like her mommy.


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